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Internet Marketing Company, fishbat, Shares 3 Reasons Why Your Marketing Strategy Should Include Podcasts


Internet Marketing Company, fishbat, Shares 3 Reasons Why Your Marketing Strategy Should Include Podcasts

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LONG ISLAND, N.Y., July 20, 2018 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- As a part of their holistic approach to helping businesses maximize success, internet marketing company fishbat shares three reasons your marketing strategy should include podcasts.

As streaming content becomes more and more popular, people are getting their information and entertainment in a variety of ways. Just as people stream music from various media sites, they are also starting to use podcasts as a means of entertainment and a method of staying connected with their favorite creators.

The rise of podcasts is relatively new, and businesses that are creative enough to market their products on these popular online radio shows are seeing great returns on their investments.

There are three main reasons why a great marketing strategy will include podcasts:

Borrowed Credibility. While one avenue is to start up a dedicated podcast for your business or service, many companies are starting to pay for advertising slots on established and very popular podcasts. When people listen to a podcast, it's often because they enjoy the hosts and trust their opinions. If those running the show mention a company's product in a positive light, that serves as an endorsement from a personality that listeners can trust. With a trusted name backing a product, a business may find themselves with a new customer base that previously may not have given them a chance.

Cost-Effectiveness. Podcasts are very inexpensive to run, as they generally require just a recording setup and an account on a hosting platform. The ease of access is beneficial in two ways. First, a company that wants to start up their own show can do so with very little risk. If all that is needed is a microphone and a platform to publish the show, any sort of increased traffic or income is enough to make the effort worth it. Second, ad spots on even very popular podcasts are often quite affordable when compared to traditional media. This small extra expense added to a marketing strategy can really take performance to the next level with surprisingly effective results.

A Rapidly Growing Field. Podcasts continue to grow year by year. In 2018, 44% of Americans stated that they had listened to a podcast at least once. This was a growth of 4% from 2017, and all signs indicate that the potential of this format has definitely not reached its cap. By making connections with established podcasts or starting their own, companies can get in on the ground level, so to speak. The growing audience that is regularly tuning in for podcasts may continue to grow into the future and getting comfortable with the format now can lead to some serious continued growth moving into the future.


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