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Sheila Kovach's newly released "Hello: Everyone Has a Story" is a colorful meditation on the lives of passersby in the form of short fiction pieces.


Sheila Kovach's newly released "Hello: Everyone Has a Story" is a colorful meditation on the lives of passersby in the form of short fiction pieces.

"Hello: Everyone Has a Story" from Christian Faith Publishing author Sheila Kovach is an absorbing series of vignettes of the author's thoughts concerning her fellow walkers, whom she encounters on her daily walks through oaky parks in modern-day America, piecing together their unique mannerisms, demeanor, and expressions to explore the hidden stories hiding behind each face and underlining every greeting.

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MEADVILLE, Pa., July 20, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- "Hello: Everyone Has a Story": an engrossing fictional exploration of the lives of strangers. "Hello: Everyone Has a Story" is the creation of published author Sheila Kovach, an optimistic married mother of six and avid reader with a green thumb who divides her time between Cora, Wyoming, and Minot, North Dakota.

Kovach shares her gift for conjuring richness out of the smallest details, "I pass a gentleman with coat and scarf who says good morning when I say hello. He's in no hurry, just ambling along, enjoying the sights.
He has come to the park for thirty years. Today, as like the last five years, he comes alone. His daughter came with him a few times four-and-a-half years ago, but cannot now that she got her teaching job. He is so proud of her as she became a teacher like her mother. It's a gift to work with other people's children. So many cannot be kind and patient with children who are not raised the way they would raise a child. He was lucky to have one child, and she has always been daddy's little girl, even now at thirty-six years old. He remembers how he and his wife planned for their child. She was born in the summer so her mother could spend the newness of having her first child with her every day. She took the first-time-mother experience pretty seriously. Man, she was a hoverer."

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Sheila Kovach's new book is the generous account of a compassionate, curious, and astutely observant people-watcher whose favorite pastime of outdoor walks provides ample material for meaningful stories.

Kovach's compassion for fellow strangers passing by on their journey through life speaks to the understanding that, often, a little attention is powerful enough to reveal a whole world behind a glance, a gesture, and even the unthinking response to a casual hello.

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