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Love Means Something - Response to the movie 'Love Means Zero' The Showtime documentary of the life of Nick Bollettieri


Love Means Something - Response to the movie 'Love Means Zero' The Showtime documentary of the life of Nick Bollettieri

Love Does Mean Something...after all

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NEW YORK, July 19, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Lisa Pamintuan, an entrepreneur and one of the youngest College presidents in the United States was one of the first students of tennis coach Nick Bollettieri. She grew up in his house and played at Wimbledon and the US Open, and she says "Love Does Mean Something... after all".

Lisa is one of many students of Nick Bollettieri that felt the movie 'Love Means Zero' portrayed a personal dispute between Andre Agassi and Nick Bollettieri and was very limited in the scope of blowing up a few situations and personal interactions, when in fact Nick changed the lives of many people who view him as a mentor. "Tennis is a great sport, but Nick was more than a tennis coach, he was also a life coach and the people who grew up under his 'tough love' have successfully gone on to many other things besides the sport," says Pamintuan. "At the time it was difficult for players such as myself to become the second choice to a great coach when he found someone new, but he was still a mentor to us in addition to the top ten players."

Nick Bollettieri is probably the greatest tennis coach of all time. He has received many accolades and awards in his career. He was recently inducted into the Tennis Hall of Fame and Ms. Pamintuan presented him with an Honorary Doctorate degree several years ago for his dedication, expertise and passion in coaching and training.

However, Nick had to build a business in addition to the careers of so many of the number one players in the world of tennis. Life is about choices. It is about responsibility. You cannot always make the right choice. As so many in sports and show business know, you have to go with what is in the best interest of your own company and family, as well as your adopted family. You don't build an industry by being a father figure and a friend to any one player. That is where the movie failed to understand the difference between a corporate visionary and a player. There are different responsibilities.

Had Nick had not moved onto other players and had Andre faltered, the academy may not have survived. Andre is one of the greatest players in the game, but Nick's responsibilities were to himself and his family. His obligations in building an empire in tennis were far more complex than his interactions with several stars, even great stars.

"But even those of us that didn't become number one in the world, recognized that Nick, as one of the best mentors for very hard work, benefited so many in his world. And although I have been out of the game for decades, he still takes my phone calls and I get text messages from him that end with..."Love you, your Nick forever" Lisa says. "

Nick certainly understands what it takes to make champions -- you don't have so many number one players in the world by accident. Are there casualties along the way, for sure, but life is like war, we don't count the enormous casualties of D-Day, we give the generals their respect for their conquests, and Nick Bollettieri has certainly had those.

Yes, LOVE Does Mean Something to Nick and so many others that were privileged to be in his inner circle.

Lisa Pamintuan was one of the first students of Nick Bollettieri and lived at his house at the age of 10. She was the youngest winner of the Irish Open and competed at Wimbledon and the US Open. Lisa then went to law school and earned a Doctor of Jurisprudence. She became an entrepreneur and marketer and helped launch several multi-million dollar businesses. Later she became President of New York College of Health Professions and was one of the youngest college presidents in the country. Lisa is now president of her own company and a serial entrepreneur.

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