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Introducing Appley Health, A Next-Generation Technology Platform Slicing Real Cost From Healthcare


Introducing Appley Health, A Next-Generation Technology Platform Slicing Real Cost From Healthcare

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TAMPA, Fla., July 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Appley Health is excited to announce it has beta launched a patent-pending platform that uses cutting edge technology to eliminate multiple layers of intermediaries in the healthcare system, and drastically reduces cost for self-funded employer health plans and their beneficiaries.

Slicing Real Cost From Healthcare

The Appley Health platform creates an ecosystem where employers, employees, and providers all benefit from lower costs, payment accuracy, complete transparency, direct contracting, maximum security & reliability, higher satisfaction, provider choice, and speedier payments. 

Approximately one-third of the $3.3 trillion dollars spent on healthcare annually in the United States is paid by self-funded employers, making this the largest category of healthcare payer. Using blockchain technology and smart contract automation, the Appley Health solution is estimated to reduce costs for employers by 30%, translating into a national reduction in healthcare spending of hundreds of billions of dollars annually.

Founded by Dr. Jerry Beinhauer, a serial entrepreneur and veteran physician with over fifteen years experience in medicine, business, and technology, along with a stellar team of experienced, hand-picked Co-Founders and Advisors, Appley Health is designed to bring healthcare back to its core roots, the direct interaction between the patient and the physician.  This, Dr. Beinhauer describes, "is the fundamental event in healthcare."

"Gone are the days of large intermediaries driving up costs, reducing patient choice, and squeezing provider margins," said Dr. Beinhauer, "With Appley Health, employers and employees benefit from the lower cost of direct provider contracting, the control of building your own provider network, and the ability to keep your own doctor; Appley Health brings back the fundamental event in healthcare, the direct relationship between patients and providers."

Self-funded employers typically contract with large insurance companies to administer their health plans, and also lease the insurer's network of providers to deliver care for their employees.  This places the large insurer as an administrative intermediary, directly between the employer and the providers.

Appley Health's research has shown that many of these intermediaries charge employers a high per employee administrative fee each month, and by hiding under non-audit provisions in their respective contracts with the employers on one side, and providers on the other, they secretly engage in arbitrage of medical billing claim payments. This adds hundreds of billions of dollars in unnecessary cost to an already bloated healthcare system.

Additionally, these intermediaries have continued to narrow their provider networks by terminating provider contracts, resulting in less provider access and choice for covered employees.  This has forced many of the patients to find new doctors.

"A new day is dawning in healthcare," Dr. Beinhauer added. "With Appley Health, any employer can create a cost-effective, comprehensive self-funded healthcare plan that returns control back to where it belongs – the people."

Our research has shown that many employers have expressed the desire to contract directly with providers, without any intermediaries between them, but they often lack the infrastructure or economies of scale necessary to make this happen.  With Appley Health, sign up is easy, simple, and FREE for employers to build their own provider network.

About Appley Health

Appley Health was founded by a veteran doctor and is focused on empowering employers and employees to lower cost and have more control over their healthcare by freeing them from the cost and headache associated with large intermediaries. Through the use of blockchain technology, Appley is creating a transparent, cost-effective platform that is more secure, faster and just plain better than any other option.

To learn more about how Appley Health can help self-funded employers slice real cost out of healthcare, visit



Ryan Gorman – VP of Corporate Communications

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