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LtCol David Brown's New Book "Bandits Below" Brings Life to the Marines' Historic Pursuit of Nicaraguan Bandits across the Air, Land and Sea in the Late 1920s


LtCol David Brown's New Book "Bandits Below" Brings Life to the Marines' Historic Pursuit of Nicaraguan Bandits across the Air, Land and Sea in the Late 1920s

Recent released "Bandits Below" from Page Publishing author, LtCol David Brown, is the honest account of battles between rebellious outlaws and young, adventurous Marines that sheds light to the military efforts to end the bandit rampage.

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SWANSBORO, N.C., July 13, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- LtCol David Brown, who has served in the Marine Corps for twenty-one years, provided expert consultation to the Marine Corps and US Navy in the area of logistics, published articles and authored professional journals on military logistics, and received an MBA in research and development management from the George Washington University and a BS in economics from Denison University, completed his new book "Bandits Below": a gripping read on history's last Banana War, where the Marines first integrate its renowned air-ground in pursuit of the notorious Augusto Caesar Sandino. The story is filled with powerful characters, adventures, and patriotism. The human element of humor, impatience, and affection warmly transform this often-tense story of yesteryear into a perfect, modern-day, edge-of-your-seat thriller.

Author Brown writes a substantial historical fiction that reflects bravery, sacrifice, and determination shown by every serviceman: "In the meantime, Harmon feathered the engine over a cactus hedge and hit a grassy knoll covered with shrubs and cactus, no doubt saving his life. The landing gear snapped off and the plane continued sliding into several small trees. It finally came to rest on its propeller with the tail in the air. Harmon, shaken, scrambled out of the plane. He reached up from the ground and jerked on the ammunition box-locking strap so hard that when it broke free, the box scraped the right side of his face."

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, LtCol David Brown's well-conceived paperback lets readers immerse into the documentary circumstances of the Marines' remarkable participation in the quarry for Sandino. The book is a historical fiction and takes place in Nicaragua in the 1920s. With the ongoing uprising in the country today (against the Sandinistas) and the billion-dollar investment by a Chinese businessman to build a canal through Nicaragua, the book has a topical ring. It establishes the fact that the US had the exclusive right to build a canal through Nicaragua.

Readers who wish to experience this defining work can purchase "Bandits Below" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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