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'Complete Teachings of Wicca: Book Two: The Wicce' released


Book by The Witch of Oz offers a journey of self-exploration to learn and understand the basics of Wicca

PERTH, Australia (PRWEB) July 31, 2018

As a teacher of Wicca and Witchcraft for over five decades, The Witch of Oz is not happy to see where Wicca is heading in the 21st century. For her, with too many untrained and unqualified people claiming to be Witches. Anyone can use the title of Wiccan, and use it freely to denote their religious opinions but being a Witch takes years of dedicated training within a "Traditional Coven." However, she also believes that these people need vigorous and devout intensive training to be elevated to the title of Witch. It is for this reason she writes "Complete Teachings of Wicca: Book Two: The Wicce" (published by Balboa Press AU). For more information about the book, please visit

The book (the second of the series) offers a journey of self-exploration to learn and understand the basics of the oldest religion in the world – Witchcraft which is now called Wicca. It takes readers through a series of training exercises and provides deeper insight into the mysteries of the Wicca and its Goddess, Mother Earth.

"The changes of the dawning age are inevitable and part of the macrocosmic tides. But it is up to us as individuals and as a planet to decide whether these changes take us forward or backward," the author says. "The training and education of this (series) book will help you find that the results are proportional to the amount of artistic involvement you invest, and it will help you reconnect with Mother Nature whether you are the seeker, the beginner of Wicca, or someone seeking his or her own Truth."

"Complete Teachings of Wicca: Book Two: The Wicce" teaches the basic ideas of what Wicca is, its history, origin and all the important aspects of what makes one a Wiccan or a Witch. The author hopes that this book series will improve communication with the invisible within the visible and help move Wiccan spirituality into the Age of Aquarius and eventually "show you the Path to becoming a Witch."

"Complete Teachings of Wicca: Book Two: The Wicce"
By The Witch of Oz
Softcover | 7.5 x 9.25in | 404 pages | ISBN 9781504312134
E-Book | 404 pages | ISBN 9781504312141
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

The Witch of Oz Lady Tamara Von Forslun has dedicated over five decades to studying and teaching Wicca, lecturing at universities worldwide, teaching hundreds of Wiccans and appearing on dozens of documentaries, TV shows and radio broadcasts. As the first to confront the establishment by changing the laws for Wiccans in Australia and having Wicca accepted as a religion, the Witch of Oz also founded the first legal neo-pagan church, The Church of Wicca, in 1989.

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