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Republic Wireless Offers Back to School Savings on Smartphones and Service


Just in time for Back to School―two options for your teen's first phone: The Moto E4 and G6 from Republic Wireless are the perfect smartphones for parents seeking a great deal and exceptional phones for kids. Offering unlimited talk and text for just $15 a month, plus 3 GB of complimentary 4G LTE cellular data for the first three months, Republic helps customers save hundreds of dollars over the average annual service cost of the Big Four carriers.

RALEIGH, N.C. (PRWEB) July 30, 2018

Just in time for back to school savings, Republic Wireless, the game-changing industry innovator behind the WiFi-calling movement, is now selling select unlocked Moto phones, with unlimited talk and text for just $15 a month, plus 3 GB of complimentary 4G LTE cellular data for the first three months. The promotion runs from July 29 through August 10, and again from August 26 through September 7, and is available for both new lines and for existing customers who choose to upgrade. Activations must be complete by midnight September 30, 2018.

Republic offers industry leading plans that start at just $15 for unlimited talk and text over both WiFi and nationwide cellular networks. Cellular data is available at just $5 per GB ensuring parents can keep a reign on their children's phone use.

Devices in the special promotion include:

  • The "best phone for budgets" and a perfect kid's first phone Moto E4, a battery pack, and 3 months of our 3 GB service plan for $15 for 3 months ~ for $99.
  • The award winning Moto G6, a battery pack, and 3 months | 3 GB service plan for $15 for 3 months ~ for $199.

"Helping families easily and safely stay connected is part of our DNA. As parents ourselves, we understand that buying a child his or her first phone is a big step for most families. More often than not, it's about parents being able to stay in touch whenever needed," said Jon Schniepp. senior vice president product and marketing, Republic Wireless. "When considering whether to buy a smartphone, every family is different. We encourage parents to check out the resources from Common Sense, and our new product Relay, which is a screen free alternative to a smartphone designed for younger kids. Schniepp reiterated key guidelines from Common Sense for cell-phone carrying kids:

1. Respect the school's rules. Some schools permit students to use phones at specific times: between classes, at lunch, on the playground, even occasionally in class. Abuse this privilege, and your phone (or even the privilege itself) may be taken away. Only use your phone when you're allowed.

2. Pick up when parents call. When mom, dad or your caregiver calls, it's probably important―so make it a rule to answer if possible. If you're in class and not allowed to use your phone, call back as soon as you can.

3. Ask permission before downloading anything. Even if you have your own app store account, get sign off on any apps you download. Parents need to make sure it's age appropriate and reasonably good for you. Also, in-app purchases could wind up on your their bill―so they should know about any extra charges a download may incur.

4. Don't flaunt it. Owning a cell phone is a privilege that not every kid can enjoy. It's OK to be proud of your phone―it's an expensive piece of technology you've been trusted to carry―but showing off can make other people feel bad. Also, it could get stolen.

5. Use your phone for good, not evil. You'll see all kinds of misbehavior and mischief regarding phones in school. That doesn't mean you can't be respectful and responsible with yours. Ask permission before taking someone's picture. Take a moment to consider whether the text or video you're about to send could hurt, annoy, or embarrass someone else. Turn off your phone when you're supposed to. Don't let your phone be more important than the person standing right in front of you.

And an essential rule for parents:

Don't text your kid during the school day. Unless it's a real emergency―are you going to the hospital?―resist the urge to text your child during the school day. Kids have survived for many, many years without hearing from their parents while at school. Allow them some independence. And if your child texts you, make sure he's not breaking any rules to do so.

About Republic Wireless

Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, Republic Wireless is run by a team of innovators who live to provide families with remarkably simple, affordable, and safe ways to stay in touch. Most well-known for pioneering WiFi calling for smartphones and saving customers over $500 million off their cell phone bills, Republic also recently announced Relay, a nationwide cell phone alternative that young kids love and parents can trust. The company has been recognized as a top carrier choice by Consumer Reports, for the best basic plan by Money magazine, and for excellence in customer service by PC Magazine.

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