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Food Tech Innovator Halla Unveils "Intelligent Ordering" Platform


Combining AI with food psychology, Halla I/O delivers accurate recommendations based on individual food preferences, rendering the question "What's for dinner?" obsolete

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) July 30, 2018

Halla, an AI company focused on personalized recommendations for the $2 trillion food ordering industry, announced today the release of its "Intelligent Ordering" platform called Halla I/O. Using Deep Learning technology built on the psychography of food selection, Halla I/O increases order volume and frequency for online grocers, restaurants and food delivery portals, and helps consumers shop effortlessly.

Services like Yelp offer restaurant reviews, but don't help to decide what's for dinner. Halla wanted to create an offering that simplifies food decisioning. Not only does Halla I/O help identify the best burrito or thin crust pizza, but it serves meal recommendations based on individual food preferences, as well as suggestions for individual ingredients during online grocery shopping. Solving this problem meant combining billions of food related data points with psychographics around how people think about and select food.

"Food is very psychological," said Spencer Price, co-founder of Halla. "Every dish breaks down into tremendously data-rich subcomponents, but then deciding which elements matter to a person selecting a dish or planning a home-cooked meal requires a logic particular to food. We can recommend Malabar pepper because you bought Himalayan rock salt, or spaghetti because your cart has the makings of a bolognese sauce, but on a higher level, if you order a chicken sandwich, is that closely related to chicken salad? Or is it really more like a hamburger? When you focus only on data science without psychology, you miss out on the most fundamentally valuable aspects of food decisioning."

How It Works

  • Halla I/O's custom-tailored API solutions plug-and-play with online ordering systems of foodservice brands.
  • A proprietary dataset from more than 10,000 grocery items, 20,000 ingredients, 175,000 recipes and 20 million restaurant dishes powers hundreds of thousands of individual food recommendations.
  • Using a brand new approach to Deep Learning, Halla I/O analyzes customer order history against its proprietary "food logic" model to power restaurant, dish, recipe, and ingredient recommendations, in real-time.
  • This results in bigger orders, more frequent purchases and higher customer satisfaction.

The Future of Intelligent Ordering
Imagine if the online grocers, restaurants and delivery companies you use already understood your favorite flavors, dietary restrictions and other eating habits and managed somehow to present you with exactly what you wanted to eat, and even recommendations for things you would probably like. Halla is currently conducting pilot programs with both boutique and household name grocery chains and restaurant groups, with plans to announce roll-outs of Halla I/O on a nationwide scale within 2018.

For more information or to inquire about participating in the pilot program go to

About Halla:
Halla is an AI company focused on personalization for the food ordering industry. Using Deep Learning technologies built exclusively around the psychography of food selection, and billions of food-related data points, Halla provides food discovery and ordering solutions to consumers, online grocers, meal kit companies and food delivery businesses. In addition to its Intelligent Ordering (I/O) platform, Halla's products also include the Halla mobile app, which aggregates delivery from 130,000 restaurants nationwide, more than any app.

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