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Tricia Greenwood Launches "Beautiful Thinking" on National Girlfriends Day

SAN JOSE, Calif. (PRWEB) July 30, 2018

Tricia Greenwood's eBook, "Beautiful Thinking" on Amazon Kindle kicks off on National Girlfriends Day, recognized annually on August 1, as girlfriends get together and celebrate their special bond of friendship. A special day to share the Kindle Countdown Deal and video, giving away a free Kindle Fire. Inspired by the comments from readers of the last chapter, "Inner Beauty" in her latest book, "Frazzle to Dazzle, How to NOT Be a Victim of an Inexperienced Hairdresser", Greenwood desires "to emphasize the importance of 'priorities' in 'Beautiful Thinking' when it comes to relationships and presenting one's self to others."

Greenwood's mission is to inspire people of all ages and walks of life with more "Beautiful Thinking". She writes about, "wisdom to beautify your life with tried and true methods of doing and thinking in order to attain peace and be happier." Sharing her own experiences interwoven with the writings of great authors in the past who have made an impact on how we think about ourselves and the world around us. "Beautiful Thinking" teaches the importance and power of physical healing, positive thinking, and the right outlook and focus.

As an award-winning songwriter crafting the facets of love into lyrics, Greenwood understands the heart. Greenwood says, "'Beautiful Thinking' is what we all need today in a world of political and social division causing dis-ease. We need it on our phone, on our coffee table and our night stand. I gathered my knowledge from books since I was young, having lost both parents by eighteen. I found reading from authors like James Allen, 'As a Man Thinketh' guided me through my life. As a Hair Designer for over thirty years, much like being a Psychologist, which I studied in college and yes, I do give confidential advice when asked, or just listen to clients when needed, I truly understand the human condition of how people (particularly women) react and think."

The Heart Behind "Beautiful Thinking": It is simply not enough to strive for outward, superficial beauty. That beauty does not last. From the first chapter, entitled "Inner Beauty," all throughout, to the last chapter Greenwood's desire to share how to achieve inner beauty, peace, love, and joy while chasing away fear, depression, hopelessness, and anger - is effective.

A book written for today, understanding the difference between reacting and responding is key, especially for those wanting to enhance their daily living as well as those going through difficult times, feeling hopelessness, or trapped in unhealthy thinking to be free from all of that.

"Beautiful Thinking" is presented to show that life, by design, is full of obstacles, difficult things, and so often, heartbreak in relationships. Greenwood writes, "Many of life's obstacles are not brought on by our own doing, but things sometimes just happen to us. It is up to us as to how we react or respond to circumstances."

With chapters on topics like "Mind is the Master," "Peace Within," "No Fear in Love," "Victorious and Confident," and so much more, Beautiful Thinking is sure to be an inspiration to all who read it. Beautiful Thinking will awaken your mind and prepare your soul for when trouble comes.

  • A highly fulfilling read!

Tricia Greenwood has numerous talents and gifts. Striving for excellence in all she does, she is known for her joy, vibrancy, and for the enthusiasm with which she approaches life. Her uplifting personality and faith-driven lifestyle, are an inspiration to all who know her and read her books. -

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