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New Website Seeks Stellar Content From Talented Teachers


Teacher's Partner will allow teachers to share content and revenue

DALLAS (PRWEB) July 26, 2018

Teacher's Partner, a new website created to provide top-notch teaching tools and materials, is calling for content from current and retired K-12 classroom teachers starting July 26. The new site, which will share revenue with the contributing educators, is dedicated to helping teachers unlock their students' full potential through resource sharing.

Offering resources created solely by and for teachers, Teacher's Partner aims to provide high-quality materials for instruction and classroom management. "If it works well in the classroom, we want it for our platform, so we can share it with others," said Tony Tomlinson, vice president of Translucent Portals Inc., the company developing Teacher's Partner. "That's why we'll be splitting our revenue with contributing members."

Teacher's Partner is seeking a wide range of educational materials, including videos, PowerPoint Presentations, photos and audio files. "Multimedia content will be one of our primary areas of focus," said Tomlinson. "We want to encourage teachers to create and license high-interest materials to help all students learn."

Member teachers who develop content will be paid for licensing their materials to the site, earning residuals every time their content is downloaded or viewed. Initially, 40 percent of the site's total revenue will be split among the contributing teachers on a pro rata basis. After 10 years, Teacher's Partner will direct 80 percent of gross revenues to the teachers.

Teacher's Partner limits membership to current K-12 teachers, retired teachers, professors of education from accredited institutions, and students in teacher preparatory programs. The site is currently offering new memberships at $12 a month or $100 per year. All new members will receive the Teacher's Partner Advanced Lesson Plan Tool Kit, which contains an extensive compilation of templates and sample lesson plans, details on accepted types of content, a guide to creating effective PowerPoint presentations, and much more.

Beyond serving as an exchange for exceptional teaching materials, Teacher's Partner will feature an interactive forum that enables teachers to post and answer questions related to education and to share their experiences. The site will also host teacher-created, education-related blogs and podcasts.

Tomlinson said the site will begin full operation before the start of the school year, but teachers who want to contribute content can sign up at starting on July 26.

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