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Across International Now Carries Vacuubrand's Exclusive Line of Oil-Free Diaphragm Pumps


The Vario Pro PC 3001 is so advanced, it does a chemist's job for you.

LIVINGSTON, N.J. (PRWEB) July 26, 2018

Across International is proud to announce that we now carry Vacuubrand's PC 3000 series, a premiere line of diaphragm pumps. Each is designed with materials containing fluoropolymers and perfluoro elastomers. These materials have a chemical structure that provides unparalleled chemical resistance. They also have an extremely low surface energy, which helps avoid material adhesion on all wetted parts.

These pumps feature a unique design surrounding specially molded, chemically resistant materials. This includes an ETFE head cover and clamping disk made of thick-walled, molded, ETFE with a metal core, ensuring the pumps longevity. It also has PTFE sandwich diaphragms for greater reliability. The inlet and outlet flapper valves are made of PTFE or FFFKM, to prevent leakage and provide the best chemical resistance around. The connector valves are made of ECTFE for the best thermal, chemical, and mechanical resistance, while the internal tubing and fittings are made from PTFE, ETFE, or ECTFE compounds.

One noteworthy model is the Vario Pro PC 3001. It controls vacuum far differently. It has an incorporated controller with a graphic interface. This offers automatic changes to the pumping speed, without external solenoid valves and pump switches. It can find the boiling point curves and follow them automatically with specially designed evaporation control software. It also has a jog wheel that can be turned and pushed for quick, manual vacuum adjustments. Another interesting feature, it has fewer bearings—for a quieter operation.

Several models have a built-in cold trap that can be connected to recirculate water or heat transfer fluid. This cold trap helps preserve the unit by condensing vapors before it enters the pump. Another option, it has manual set-point-control for fully automated distillation. In this way, it does a chemist's job for you.

VacuuBrand pumps pair perfectly with our award-winning vacuum ovens, including our AccuTemp and Elite lines, for purging residual solvent and moisture at lowered boiling temperatures under deep vacuum and other applications. They also work well with our rotary evaporators, such as our 2 to 20-liter SolventVap lines, while in pursuit of solvent reclamation.

Across International has been an industry leader in heat treatment and laboratory and material processing equipment manufacture. Our company's mission is as simple as it is profound, to empower those advancing science by offering innovative and high-quality equipment, along with the best customer support.

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