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With Punitive Damages On the Rise, ITI Offers Incident-Based Training For Truck Drivers


Shorter, highly-focused lessons from Instructional Technologies Inc. are a time saving, efficient means of limiting liability and improving truck driver satisfaction and retention.

VANCOUVER, Wash. (PRWEB) July 25, 2018

Instructional Technologies Inc. (ITI), providers of training solutions for the transportation industry including PRO-TREAD online training content and the Sentix training automation platform, today announced that it has released a new library of Incident-Based Training lessons. The shorter, highly focused courses designed to assist with remedial events can help reduce exposure to liability and provide fleets with a more efficient means of providing necessary training for drivers.

"While fleets are using a variety of vehicle technologies to successfully improve safety, it is also making them increasing liable when an incident does occur," said Laura McMillan, VP training program development at ITI. "Punitive damages often result from knowing that a driver made an error and not addressing it. With these new courses, we are the only company offering fleets the ability to choose from a library of lessons that address the behaviors that led to an incident and on the most common violations, and quickly assign them after an event has occurred."

Topics for the new Incident-Based Training courses from ITI were selected from a survey of high frequency incidents and a review of CSA data for infractions, and are targeted at addressing observed behaviors and recorded events. Expanded future offerings will include additional high frequency issues. The growing library of topics includes:

  •     Avoiding Fixed Objects
  •     Intersections
  •     Hours of Service
  •     Defensive Driving
  •     Winter Driving
  •     Pre-Trip Inspection
  •     Right Turns
  •     Left Turns
  •     Space Management
  •     Driver Distractions
  •     Rear End Collision Avoidance
  •     Backing and Docking
  •     Speed Management
  •     Basic Vehicle Controls

The shorter lessons, typically 5-7 minutes long, provide for a quick remediation event focused on the driver's actions. The courses, McMillan noted, eliminate the need for managers to develop training for every incident that occurs. In addition, drivers will appreciate spending just a few minutes of learning that focuses on the behaviors that led to an incident and how to avoid it in the future, and not feel as if they are being penalized with a long course of information.

"With Incident-Based Training, you can quickly assign a driver a short, relevant training course on a mobile device as soon as you know an incident has occurred and address the behaviors that led to the incident," McMillan explained. "A post event response to an incident has a higher retention rate due to its immediate relevancy, while shorter, focused lessons demonstrate that a company respects its drivers' time.

"Incident-Based Training also reduces potential litigation," McMillan added, "and prevents or eliminates the kind of punitive damages that happen when you know an incident has occurred and don't take any action to address it. With these lessons you can prove your company took steps as quickly as possible to address the cause of the incident."

ITI's new Incident-Based Training can also be the backbone of corrective training groups within the Sentix training automation platform. Essentially, a fleet can create a group into which a driver is added after an incident and assign remediation courses and follow-up training as needed.

ITI is known for its effective mastery learning training strategy, an instructional method by which the student must 'master' each subject before moving to the next subject. The online strategy is proven to improve employee safety behaviors and provide defensible proof that students have mastered a topic. With ITI, fleets have the flexibility to use off-the-shelf PRO-TREAD lessons, engage ITI's PRO-SERVICE team to develop customized content, and use ITI's secure hosting services for their own content.

About Instructional Technologies, Inc.
Founded in 1995 and based in Vancouver, Washington, Instructional Technologies Inc. (ITI) is the leading provider of online training to the transportation industry. The company's commitment to training is based on the principles of mastery learning, accurate and automated record keeping, and up-to-date information that ensure personnel have been effectively trained and detailed records kept. ITI makes fleets and warehouses safer and more profitable through its PRO-TREAD library of more than 100 standard training courses that blend engaging content with real-world, how-to scenarios, and its Sentix platform that automates the day-to-day administration of an online training program in addition to integrating with transportation management and back office systems. Transportation and logistics companies choose ITI because of its automated learning management system, custom training capabilities, flexible lesson methodologies, and engaging 3D animations that improve retention, ensure subject matter mastery and lower the total cost of training. For more information, please visit

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