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Greenville Chiropractor Launches Program for Healthy Pregnancies


After struggling with her own fertility, Dr. Chelsea of AlignLife Downtown Greenville, wants to help others in her community with their pregnancies

GREENVILLE, S.C. (PRWEB) July 25, 2018

Dr. Chelsea Rainey at AlignLife of Downtown Greenville is excited to introduce a new program geared towards couples hoping to conceive a radiantly healthy baby. Over the past year and half, Dr. Chelsea has had her own struggles with fertility that uncovered a world of such sadness and desperation that many couples are now facing. She has met countless women and men who share in this journey and are being faced with utilizing IVF (invitro fertilization) and other fertility treatments and medications as their only hopes of creating the family they have always dreamed of. As Dr. Chelsea continued to hear too many stories of fertility struggles while enduring her own, she knew there had to be something she could do to help this problem through a natural health approach. Dr. Chelsea began studying under Dr. Marcia Schaefer, an instructor for the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) and creator of The Truth About Fertility. Through a specific protocol that she created for her patients geared towards overall whole-body health, Dr. Marcia started seeing couples greatly improve their health, conceive with ease, and experience beautiful pregnancies and post-partum experiences. She also took note that of the 100 babies she has seen conceived in her office while utilizing this protocol, they have not had issues with tongue or lip tie and are being born radiantly healthy. After learning about this, Dr. Chelsea has dedicated her time over the last few months to studying Dr. Marcia's methods and completing all of her course work.

Dr. Chelsea is excited to finally bring this highly researched and evidenced-based protocol to her office and begin serving the families in her Greenville community. This protocol involves what is called the 8 Essentials which takes in to account chiropractic care and the function of the nervous system, along with key aspects of the daily lifestyle. When asked how this program works Dr. Chelsea said, "We use proven technology to see how well the nervous system is functioning and document any interference that may be preventing the body from working the way it was designed". Dr. Chelsea's AlignLife office will dive deep into your diet and determine the best way to balance your pH through nutrition to create the perfect environment for your health to thrive and allow your hormones to balance. With so many different diets such as paleo, keto, Adkins, low-carb, autoimmune, etc, it can be difficult to determine the best fit for you and your health. Dr. Chelsea's office provides testing and state of the art technology to help create a specific plan just for you! The program involves looking at your sleep patterns, water intake, your exercise habits, and even your mindset. Dr. Chelsea educates on which supplements are needed to improve overall egg, sperm, and cellular health, which can be confusing waters to navigate with so much conflicting data available. After gathering your data from your health history, a custom plan is created for you and your partner to regain and improve your overall health and prepare your body for conception. Dr. Chelsea and her staff will guide you through this protocol every step of the way and insure that you have all the knowledge you need to create your healthiest self. With this program, couples are able to find increased ease of conception, less of a need for invasive fertility methods, and experience an abundance of health for a healthy pregnancy and family to come.

It is important to note that Dr. Chelsea's office does not treat infertility or fertility issues; rather works to restore your body's natural function to heal itself and create optimal health in the process. Dr. Chelsea states; "It is my mission to provide natural solutions for couples to improve whole-body health and prepare to conceive a radiantly healthy baby by an evidenced-based and passionate chiropractor you can trust."

If you or someone you know is ready to try a more natural approach to your health and preconception journey, please contact AlignLife of Downtown Greenville today. This program is great for anyone looking to restore their health; whether you have experienced infertility, miscarriage, or previous pregnancies with morning-sickness or lack of breast-milk supply, or are just looking to improve your health prior to beginning the conception process—they can help! Give them a call today at 864-610-4140 and ask about new patient specials to start you and your partner's health on the path to healing today! Dr. Chelsea and her team look forward to serving you on your journey!

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