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Leading Digital Marketing Trends and complying with future proof technologies: A report from Great Logics Inc.


Snippets from the annual meeting by Great Logics Inc. on changing and leading Digital Marketing trends in 2018

(PRWEB) July 25, 2018

A leading information technology and engineering firm based in Canton, Michigan hosted a Symposium in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh to discuss game changing trends in the versatile domain of Digital Marketing. The event also recognized the restructuring of the Online Marketing Department of the organization. Discussed at the event were some of the most crucial aspects of Digital Marketing that are also being perceived by experts as the most trending and audience prompting initiatives. Experts on the topic also spoke on the future of this thriving industry and the technologies that could be introduced that will change the face of Digital Marketing and online advertisement that we know of contemporary.

The event was instituted by CEO and founder of Great Logics Inc. Mr. Vikram Sagar Pasala. He stated, "For Small and Medium sized Enterprises, operating not only in the US but also in the Indian subcontinent and South East Asia, Digital Marketing can prove to be of paramount importance. In recent years we have witnessed several businesses that made it big through Digital and Online marketing while investing far less of time and money as compared to traditional and offline marketing."

He further stated, "We must also keep in mind that Digital Marketing is the brain child of concurrent technologies and introducing innovations while keeping ourselves well instigated with trends and latest deliverable can drive digital marketing facilitators to the zenith of their capacity."

Mr. Pasala also stated that Great Logics Inc. is restructuring its Digital Marketing department and reinventing digital marketing to bring in the desired audience directly to business owners.

The symposium was further addressed by Mr. Vidwath Devraj, Head of Department of Technology and Innovations at Great Logics Inc. "Digital Marketing is an ever-changing domain and digging up latest trends and complying with them is as important as any facet of the business. Our team worked on a week-long research to come up with the top 2018 trends in Digital Marketing."

He further elaborated, "Big Data has emerged to be a boon for not only business owners but also for digital marketeers. the tremendous amount of data collected from social media, online purchases, mobile app downloads, etc. markers are able to make better predictions about customer behavior, which allows for more customized content. Similarly, the increasing demand for video content and advertisement through the same has leaped up and business owners are looking for advertisers who can not only create video content for digital advertisement but can also market it across several channels. In 2018 video advertising will prove very fruitful for brands or businesses looking to market their products or services."

Mr. Naresh Setty, Vice President Sales and Digital Marketing concluded the meeting by sharing his perspective of the future of Online and Digital Marketing, "We have seen several main stream consumer oriented technologies replacing the old ones in the past decade and this will continue to happen at an ever quicker pace. This gives us the opportunity to penetrate the market with aggressive and innovative marketing strategies. In near future we might see advertisements being supported by AR and VR hardware. We have also seen that how even home appliances have been reinvented with IOT compatibility and smart operating systems. This further widens the scope for opportunities to explore and comply with."

Several other technologies and trends were put forward during the event which was an element of surprise for both business owners and industries in niche of digital marketing.

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