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Introducing Miles, a Universal Rewards Platform Delivering Value for Every Mile Traveled Across Every Mode of Transportation


Similar to a frequent flyer program for ground transportation, Miles is a universal rewards platform and app empowering anyone with a smartphone to earn miles and accrue value simply by traveling how they do every day.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (PRWEB) July 24, 2018

Miles, the world's first universal miles earning program for all forms of travel, launched today, introducing a bold new concept - that all modes of transportation should accrue value for people. Founded by industry veterans Jigar Shah, Paresh Jain and Parin Shah, the Miles app allows anyone with a smartphone to earn miles and rewards as they travel, redeemable with merchants, retailers and transportation providers across categories.

"Mobility today is a universal behavior that goes largely unrewarded," said Miles Co-Founder and CEO Jigar Shah. "To date, travel rewards have been siloed and limited to one form of travel – with consumers facing exclusions when it comes to earning and redeeming rewards. Miles solves this gap in market by allowing anyone to earn rewards - simply by traveling and commuting how they do every day."

In contrast to rewards programs in the market today, Miles delivers value for every mile traveled, across every mode of travel, anywhere in the world. Whether by car (as a driver, passenger or rideshare), plane, train, subway, bus, boat, bicycle, or on foot, the Miles app effortlessly awards users' travel - regardless of where their journey takes them. Miles can be saved or redeemed at any time - with the value increasing every month as more merchants accept them as a form of payment.

To get started, users download the Miles app. Designed to work seamlessly in the background, Miles automatically logs each trip from point A to B and the mode of transportation, while keeping data completely private. Users can easily view their miles earned per trip, and receive personalized rewards with leading brands across categories - redeemable either online or at a nearby store.

Redemption partners at launch include retailers such as Amazon, Starbucks, Target, Canon, Cole Haan, HelloFresh, NatureBox, Bath & Body Works and Whole Foods, among others, as well as transportation providers including Silvercar, TravelCar and the Contra Costa Transportation Authority. Additional partners will be announced in the coming months - with value of each mile on the platform continuing to increase over time as partners compete to present users with relevant, local rewards in the moment.

A Universal Rewards Platform Built for the Shared Economy
With Miles, every mile you travel earns value on the platform. Users who choose alternate or eco-friendly forms of transportation are rewarded even further. For example, those who take a rideshare service (i.e. Lyft or Uber) or carpool may earn 2x miles. Users who ride the train or public transit receive 3x the miles. Ride a bike and receive 5x miles, with people who choose to walk or run earning 10x miles.

Miles is backed by high profile investors including Porsche Digital, Urban Us (VC); Scrum Ventures (VC); Gabe Klein (Fontinalis Partners, former Director Chicago, and Washington DC DOT); Scott Kubly, Chief Programs Officer at LimeBike (prev. Director at Seattle DOT and Chicago DOT), Keith Teare (Founding Member, TechCrunch and VC), among others.

"In today's on-demand, shared economy, the way we move is rapidly evolving," said Gabe Klein, Special Venture Partner at Fontinalis Partners, CoFounder at CityFi. "The number of miles traveled continues to increase each year - and there's an opportunity to reduce vehicle miles traveled alone while also rethinking customer rewards - moving from individual loyalty programs to a universal system that provides value to consumers in return for responsible, sustainable mobility choices. The beauty is, today we can do this in real time with Miles."

Delivering Value for Brands and Their Customers
By leveraging the Miles' predictive AI platform, business and brands can deliver value to customers by offering to meet their Near Future needs as they travel, such as when someone needs a meal, a fill-up at the gas station, or a ride. Annoying marketing can become true customer service by enabling hyper-targeted rewards related to immediate need. This not only leads to increased customer loyalty and repeat visits, but also increased sales.

"Our aim is to tailor our approach to the Porsche customers' behavior patterns wherever possible, working across the entire mobility chain to ensure that we support them and they engage with our brand," explains Thilo Koslowski, CEO of Porsche Digital. "Set against this backdrop, the strategic approach and the technology behind Miles make it an extremely promising prospect."

"Miles provides a unique platform to service and delight customers, while increasing the value they are offered in the moment" said Steve Calla, VP of Marketing, Silvercar.

"With Miles, we get to partner with a platform that encourages sustainable transportation while serving a high-quality audience directly," said Gautam Gupta, CEO, NatureBox.

Helping Cities to Deliver More Value to Commuters
In addition to leading retail brands and merchants, Miles will partner with cities, public transit authorities and transportation partners.

"Platform like Miles makes it possible for cities to avoid building more infrastructure by simply driving behavior in a different direction with incentives and rewards," said Gabe Klein with Fontinalis Partners.

Starting this week, the Contra Costa Transportation Authority will partner and offer rewards as an incentive to promote alternative and sustainable mode of transportation through the Miles platform, with the Seattle Department of Transportation and other cities to follow in the coming weeks.

Miles is available to download for free on iOS now, with the Android version coming soon. To learn more about Miles, visit, or download the app here.

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