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TEXTree Rolls Out 'Smart' Translation Adopting SmartCAT


TEXTree brings about a translation revolution—‘smart' translation, a combination of Machine Translation and Proofreading—as an enhanced translation service for those looking into Asian market entry. Its smart translation services will have three features; affordable, fast and accurate.

SEOUL, South Korea (PRWEB) July 24, 2018

■ Asia | the Fastest Growing Region

TEXTree claimed that BMI's Cedric Chehab announced that, "by 2030, Asia will account for the largest share of global GDP at around 40 percent. China will account for approximately half of that and will be roughly on par with North America and Europe," in his October 25 presentation. Numerous companies already have sensed the economic flow and make an all-out effort to enhance their visibility in the Asian market with Asian translation services.

  • The First ‘Smart' Translation Services | with SmartCAT

For those companies, TEXTree has been playing its role as an Asian communication hub providing Asian language translation services for years. And now, it introduces ‘smart' translation service which utilizes machine translation and proofreading with skilled proofreaders.
SmartCAT, TEXTree adopts for the service, offers ‘smart' translation platform to effectively work with native Asian translators, and this state-of-the-art translation enables TEXTree to offer better localization services with the features as followings:

  • 3 Benefits | Machine Translation + Proofreading

#1 Affordable
Repeatedly translating the same phrase or term costs every time. TEXTree utilizes its own accumulated Translation Memory on smartCAT and makes it possible for translators not to repeatedly translate same terminologies which will result in cheaper translation expenditure.

#2 Fast
Sending one whole document to one translator is an old saying for TEXTree. Depending on the volume/document type, TEXTree assigns multiple translators on one translating project. In addition, not only translators can work on the same project at the same time, but also project managers can monitor and manage the process in real time. This helps TEXTree to get the project done faster than ever.

#3 Accurate
Accurate translation is determined whether there were lots of feedback when working on a project. TEXTree enables it with smartCAT using leaving comments on sentences or documents besides QA check for a correction. While using smartCAT, translators, editors and project managers can communicate in real time, which lead to a more accurate translation with better quality.

  • Advanced Translation Service | Resolution for Agendas

Chang Woo Lee, the vice president of TEXTree, states that "TEXTree has recognized two main agendas of translation services—the cost and time. Taking them into consideration, TEXTree can offer this enhanced translation service, MT and proofreading, according to the content personality, such as customer services and general communicative translation services with cheaper price, more accurate translation and better productivity."

TEXTree's smart translation service can offer not only general translation but also a communicative translation, which requires continuous content localization, daily/weekly marketing localization or any urgent translation.

  • About TEXTree

As the best Asian communication hub, TEXTree offers stable services to companies doing business in Asia with the expertise and experience TEXTree have accumulated over the years. TEXTree professionals transform companies' valuable content with the experience accumulated in the various area. As a dedicated Asian business partner, TEXTree offer communication service in Asia – localization service, online marketing and customer services—to help business overcome various cultural differences.

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