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New Children's Book Features Lessons about Communication, Cooperation and Chickens


Helaine Fiedler illustrates important lessons through her characters and their search for the Hollywood Hens

NEW YORK (PRWEB) July 24, 2018

Author Helaine Fiedler raises a brood of Heritage hens in New York City and wanted to share an unusual part of her life in an exciting new children's story. In "The Adventures of the Hollywood Hens: The First Escape," Fiedler pulls inspiration from experience raising her own hens in a bustling metropolis.

In the book, Grandpa is all alone with his chickens when a thunderstorm suddenly strikes. He must get dressed and go out into the thunder, lightning and pouring rain to make sure all the chickens are in a safe place.

But it's a big job rounding up the hens, who are quite afraid of the storm. The book details what unfolds as Grandpa looks for help to get the last little chick back into the coop.

"I use these books when I do demonstration lessons in classrooms. The book has to have all the elements of timeless literature: a good story, repetitive language and rhythm," Fiedler said.

One Amazon reviewer described the books as "An adventure that brings the farm life of Middle America into New York City! Children love to hear the onomatopoetic sounds of the Hollywood Hens and the loud, threatening thunder. Young children find security and enjoyment in the rhythmic repetition used throughout the story…We are looking forward to the next adventure of these Hollywood hens."

"The enthusiasm with the Heritage Hens led to writing this first book in the series," Fiedler said.

In the first installment of "The Adventures of the Hollywood Hens", children, parents and animal lovers alike will find joy in the antics of these feathered friends.

"The Adventures of the Hollywood Hens: The First Escape"
By Helaine Fiedler
ISBN: 978-1480855625 (softcover); 978-1480855632 (hardcover); 978-1480855649 (electronic)
Available at the Archway Publishing Online Bookstore and Amazon

About the author
Helaine Fiedler tends a brood of Heritage hens on Hollywood Avenue in New York City. For more than three decades, she taught children (and their teachers) to enjoy reading and writing. Now, she is writing books you will love to read over and over again. Thanks to the Hollywood Hens, there are countless more stories scratching around in her backyard.

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