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Vantage Network Announces its Collaboration with Charity Navigator


Vantage Network Announces its Collaboration with Charity Navigator

GRAND CAYMAN, Cayman Islands (PRWEB) July 23, 2018

Vantage Network, a Contribution Tracking Platform that enables donors to see exactly how the money they contribute to a fundraising campaign is spent, down to the transaction level, is proud to announce a collaboration with Charity Navigator, the most utilized evaluator of charities. Charity Navigator evaluates charity performance in two primary categories: Financial Health and Accountability & Transparency. Their website has garnered over 11 million visits from donors annually and has over 750,000 registered users. With sixteen years of expertise in evaluating nonprofit operations, Charity Navigator is excited to team up with Vantage Network to continue to work for transparency across the sector.

Jeff Hood, Founder, and President of Vantage Network has worked tirelessly to ensure that one hundred percent transparent donations can become the expectation by donors in the near future. Hood has recognized that by increasing the level of visibility and transparency in donations will show the contributor where and to whom they wanted the intended funds to go. This collaboration with Charity Navigator will be beneficial for both companies as Vantage Network can provide the appropriate technology to support Charity Navigator in their sixteen-year long mission.

"Vantage Network is developing innovative technologies to tackle an issue that many donors have in mind when giving: 'where is my money truly going?' Charity Navigator is excited to collaborate with Vantage Network to highlight effective organizations doing amazing work for the world in transformative ways," said Larry Lieberman, Chief Operating Officer at Charity Navigator.

About Vantage Network:
The mission of Vantage Network is to ultimately bring transparency to charitable giving. A donor would donate using a normal debit or credit card and would then receive a tracking ID associated with their donation. Charities receive the donations in its Vantage Account, and all that money gets spent via the Vantage Mobile App, which tracks how every dollar is spent thus enabling complete transparency between donor and charity.

About Charity Navigator:
Charity Navigator is the largest and most-utilized expert charity evaluator in America. The organization helps guide intelligent giving by evaluating the Financial Health, Accountability & Transparency of charities by providing data about 1.8 million nonprofits. Charity Navigator does not charge the organizations it evaluates, ensuring unbiased evaluations, nor does it charge the public for this trusted data. As a result, Charity Navigator, a 501(c)(3) public charity itself, depends on support from individuals, corporations, and foundations that believe it provides a much-needed service to America's charitable givers. Charity Navigator can be reached directly by telephone at (201) 818-1288 or by mail at 139 Harristown Road, Suite 101, Glen Rock, N.J., 07452.

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