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Kestgo Group Announces its Official Company Launch


Emerging consulting firm debuts its people-first approach to healthcare support services.

CHICAGO (PRWEB) July 23, 2018

Today, Kestgo, a highly-specialized, boutique consulting firm that focuses on healthcare support services, announces its official company launch.

The Kestgo team understands the immense complexities healthcare administrators face on a daily basis and that support services have a surprisingly high bearing on an organization's reputation and profitability. It takes a great deal of time and effort to get all of the people and entities responsible for healthcare support services to become fully engaged and to realize their potential. That's where Kestgo comes in.

Collectively, the Kestgo team has spent over 75 years helping deliver measurable and meaningful results to the bottom line for healthcare systems, hospitals, higher education, corporate dining organizations, and other large institutions. "Kestgo's consulting practice focuses primarily on three very important areas: Support Service Operations, Performance Solutions and Supply Chain Management," says Paula Keller, one of three founding principals at Kestgo. "While Support Services is where our strengths and passions lie, creating financial solvency and success is a part of our DNA."

"It's rewarding to help large healthcare organizations make a measurable impact on key performance metrics like profitability and reputation scores," says Gary Goettl, a Kestgo Principal. "One of the main reasons we've been able to make such a positive impact on our clients is our people-first approach to healthcare support services. Our end goal is profitability, driven by leading practices and an engaged workforce."

In an industry relentlessly focused on financial outcomes, Kestgo proves it's the people – not just numbers and bottom lines – that make organizations remarkable. When the right employees are supporting the operations of your hospital in the right way, patients are more satisfied, more loyal, and are more likely to return to – and advocate for – your organization. Kestgo believes forward-thinking healthcare organizations will embrace their people-oriented approach, that results will speak for themselves, and that the healthcare support services industry will be better for it.

"Our people-first approach not only guides how we help our clients to select and manage vendors and employees, it also informs how we interact with our clients. We believe people matter," says Don Stookey, principal.

About Kestgo
Kestgo is a highly-specialized, boutique consulting firm that focuses on healthcare support services. Its founders, Paula Keller, Don Stookey, and Gary Goettl have over 75 years of combined experience transforming organizations and improving both patient health and financial outcomes. Kestgo has deep expertise in three areas of healthcare support services: Support Services, Performance Solutions, and Supply Chain Management. Unlike other support services consulting firms, Kestgo is driven by a simple, core belief: people matter. Kestgo's unique insight and perspective is that it's people – not just numbers and bottom lines – that make healthcare organizations succeed.

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