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Denver Security Guards' Importance Underlined by 10 Year Increase in Area Violent Crime, says United Protective Services LLC


The security firm comments on a recent article that, while curbing crime citywide might be a tall order, property owners and managers can greatly reduce the chances of wrongdoing occurring on their properties.

DENVER (PRWEB) July 17, 2018

An article in the July issue of 5280 Magazine notes that Denver has seen a reported 46.3 percent increase in violent crimes such as robbery, assaults, and homicides between 2007 and 2017. It adds that these incidents appear to peak each year in the month of July due to more people – both victims and perpetrators – being out of doors. The article goes on to discuss a number of factors that may contribute to the decade-long increase, as well as steps the city of Denver is taking to try to control the problem. Area security firm United Protective Services LLC says that urban crime rates are obviously largely beyond the control of individual owners and managers, but that there is a lot they can do to lower the risk of a crime occurring at the properties under their care.

Specifically, securing the services of well-equipped and experienced security guards and courtesy patrols are a time-tested means of significantly decreasing the odds of both minor problems and major incidents from occurring on a given property, says United Protective Services. The security specialist says that there are at least two key elements in terms of utilizing security personnel to prevent crime, whether it's vandalism, shoplifting, angry scuffles or more serious robberies and assaults. First of all, in most cases it's a good idea to have highly visible uniformed security personnel or courtesy patrols in clearly marked, police-style cars on hand at both commercial and residential properties simply to discourage would-be intruders or wrongdoers. Second, of course, it's necessary to back up that show of preparedness with trained and skilled personnel who can manage any problems that may occur.

United Protective Services says that, while prevention is always the best solution, when individuals nevertheless begin to create an issue, it's obviously necessary to step in as quickly as possible to nip the problem in the bud. At the same time, the company adds that the emphasis should always be on calmly deescalating situations so that initially minor issues do not become major incidents. The firm notes that most problems are not caused by experienced career criminals, but by younger or troubled individuals who have more personal reasons for their poor behavior. In those instances especially, it's usually possible to resolve the situation in a reasonably calm manner. In fact, the firm adds, in many cases, bystanders to an incident that is handled properly are not even aware that anything is amiss. Even more experienced wrongdoers can often be disarmed by a clear demonstration that there is little to be gained from attempting any further transgressions.

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