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Larson Electronics LLC Releases Portable 75 KVA Power Distribution Station with 2 520R-GFCI Receptacles


KEMP, Texas, July 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Larson Electronics, a leading manufacturer of portable power distribution systems, announced the release of a 75 KVA mobile power distribution unit that converts 480VAC three phase electrical current into three phase 208Y/120VAC, allowing operators to tap into 480V power from generators, direct grid power and other sources. This power distribution system is mounted on a stainless-steel cart with locking casters and is ideal for indoor and outdoor power distribution.

MGS-480D-75KVA-208Y.120-8X50A.208-2X20A.120 Main
The Larson Electronics MGS-480D-75KVA-208Y.120-8X50A.208-2X20A.120 power distribution substation converts three-phase 480VAC electrical current into three-phase 208Y/120VAC.

MGS-480D-75KVA-208Y.120-8X50A.208-2X20A.120 Breaker Panel
On the primary side, operators connect three-phase 480V line-in power via a customer-provided cord. On the secondary side, operators connect to eight, CS8269 receptacles for 208V equipment and to two, 5-20R GFCI receptacles for 120V equipment. All receptacles are equipped with weatherproof covers.

The MGS-480D-75KVA-208Y.120-8X50A.208-2X20A.120 portable power distribution station gives operators the ability to power their 208 and 120-volt equipment from a single system. The primary panel is a NEMA 3R 225-amp 480Y/277V three phase main circuit breaker panel, which contains one, 100-amp 3-pole 480V breaker allowing operators to power equipment via a pass-through configuration. The 75 KVA transformer sends the converted voltage to the secondary panel, which feeds a NEMA 3R 100-amp 208Y/120V panel. The secondary panel consists of eight, 50-amp 2-pole 250 breakers which protect a total of eight, 50-amp 250V CS8269 receptacles, and two, 20-amp 125V breakers which protect two, 125V 20-amp 5-20R GFCI duplex receptacles.

This power distribution system is mounted on a stainless-steel platform with forklift skid pockets, locking casters and lifting eyelets for seamless transportation. This rugged construction offers consistent operation even during demanding use and unfavorable weather conditions. All panels are rated NEMA 3R for indoor and outdoor use and can withstand mildly corrosive elements, dust and moisture. Additionally, the transformer is grounded to the frame and comes with a grounding lug on the frame for the earth ground. The MGS-480D-75KVA-208Y.120-8X50A.208-2X20A.120 is built in accordance to NFPA 70 and certified UL 1640, and can be custom built to operator specifications.

"This unit provides operators with the ability to safely tap into and distribute 480VAC, but it can be customized to further fit our customer's needs," said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics LLC. "Since we are a UL 1640 certified panel shop we can custom build any portable power distribution system at our location, which cuts down significantly on outsourcing time and costs."

About Larson Electronics LLC: Larson Electronics LLC is a manufacturer of industrial lighting equipment and accessories. The company offers an extensive catalog of industry-grade lighting and power distribution products for the following sectors: manufacturing, construction, food processing, oil and gas, military, marine and automobile. Customers can benefit from the company's hands-on, customized approach to lighting solutions. Larson Electronics provides expedited service for quotes, customer support and shipments.

For further information, please contact:
Rob Bresnahan, President and CEO
Toll-free: 1-800-369-6671
Phone: 214-616-6180
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