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BPA Worldwide and Bombora Arm Publishers With Audience Insight Tools to Grow Revenue


NEW YORK, July 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- An increasingly competitive market has put more pressure on online publishers to generate revenue from their site visitors. At the same time, marketers are looking to reach audiences that meet certain qualifications, especially in the B2B space. The publishers that can help match these marketers with their target audiences stand to benefit the most.

To help publishers capture this revenue opportunity, BPA Worldwide, a global leader in auditing media, has partnered with Bombora, the leading provider of B2B intent data, to give publishers ad activation tools and enhanced targeting capabilities through the BPA Media Exchange.

The partnership synchronizes publisher first-party data with insights from Bombora's B2B data cooperative, which monitors the consumption habits of 2.8 million companies, with data pooled from almost 4,000 websites and 32 billion monthly content consumption events. Publishers that are part of the BPA Media Exchange can access co-op insights to help them launch account-based marketing (ABM) programs and assemble highly desirable audience segments that will drive more advertising spend on their sites.

"A publisher's audience is an incredibly valuable resource, provided they know how to package desirable segments that appeal to advertisers," said Steve Lilly, SVP, Data Partnerships and co-founder, Bombora. "Accessing anonymous insights from thousands of other publishers within the Bombora co-op helps BPA Worldwide's publishers better understand their audience and drive better business outcomes for data-driven marketers looking to reach certain companies as part of increasingly popular ABM strategies.

As marketers adopt ABM strategies, they are narrowing their focus on in-market target accounts. Efficiently reaching these active segments requires detailed insights about which prospects are potentially in market. Bombora's Company Surge™ data measures content consumption and search traffic for topics related to B2B advertisers' products and services, derived from its data cooperative. When a company consumes more content around a topic than normal, it is a strong purchase intent signal, making these companies high-priority targets for advertisers.

"BPA Worldwide is building an environment for transparent and verified online and offline media solutions for publishers and marketers," said Scott Roulet, VP, BPA Media Exchange. "Giving publishers access to programmatic ad delivery infrastructure and insights opens the door to greater targeting capabilities. This in turn leads to higher ad revenue. Solutions like Bombora help publishers derive even more value out of their highly-sought-after visitors. And, as Bombora's data platform is certified by BPA's iCompli Tech Assurance group for recording, tracking and reporting user demographic, firmographic and intent data, we are pleased to form this relationship for the benefit of our members."

About BPA Worldwide
BPA Worldwide is in the business of providing assurance. For 80+ years as a not-for-profit assurance service provider, BPA was originally created by advertisers, advertising agencies and the media industry to audit audience claims used in the buying and selling of advertising.  Performing 2,100+ annual audits of media channels in more than 20 countries, BPA is a trusted resource for compliance and assurance services.

BPA Media Exchange is a platform to deploy digital media programs that connect buyers and sellers through the programmatic ecosystem. The pillars of the platform ensures a brand safe, transparent and independently verified environment across the supply chain.

BPA's services have expanded with the launch of the iCompli brand to assist in the creation of standards and external assurance thereof. We do so for government and industry bodies. iCompli Technology Assurance provides verification that companies are compliant with industry standards in the digital advertising ecosystem.

iCompli Sustainability provides gap analysis, competitor benchmarking and external assurance for marketers interested in demonstrating their company's following GRI, SASB, ASTM or ISO sustainability and corporate social responsibility guidelines and standards.

About Bombora
Bombora is the leading provider of intent data for B2B marketers. Bombora's data aligns marketing and sales teams, enabling them to base their actions on the knowledge of what companies are in market for which products. Bombora's Company Surge™ data reports on changes in consumption on specific product related topics from within businesses.

The source of this data is the first co-operative of premium B2B media companies. Members contribute content consumption and behavioral data about their audiences. In turn, they can better understand their audiences, serve advertisers and monetize their inventory.

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