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Macau Capital Investments, Inc. Announces MOU to Acquire Phoenix Trash Solutions, Inc.


HOUSTON, TX, July 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Macau Capital Investments, Inc. (OTCPK: MCIM) announces that it has entered into an MOU to acquire Phoenix Trash Solutions, Inc., a regional waste hauler in Houston, Texas. The acquisition marks the second acquisition in the Texas region in our efforts to grow our portfolio of waste companies. Hershell Hayes, CEO of Macau Capital Investments, Inc. is an industry veteran with more than 35 years in waste management for BFI a worldwide industry leader, and having owned and divested two smaller waste companies he owned and operated. Our vision is to acquire medical waste transportation companies and solid waste companies as primary sources of revenue growth and compete with other national competitors. The company will grow significantly as a public company acquiring smaller regional competitors in solid waste and medical waste, landfill tipping fees, and transfer station fees. The synergistic acquisitions will also reduce operational cost and increase profit margins significantly. We plan to invest in building a solid medical waste treatment facility and plan to file application with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) for a Texas Type V registration to receive and process medical waste for treatment and ultimate transport to landfills. In our efforts for aggressive growth, we are looking to invest in a fleet of 30 vans, box vans, sprinter vans and cargo trucks to haul medical waste. We plan to hire at least 40 fulltime employees in coming months. We are also venturing into developing a waste to energy and recycling facility in our efforts to reduce landfill waste and find more ECO friendly solutions for our environment. We are evaluating a number of technologies to reach our sustainability goals.

"We pride ourselves on partnering with local and regional waste haulers to improve operational efficiencies, and sustaining legacies of family owned companies," says Hershell Hayes, CEO.

About Macau Capital Investments, Inc.
Macau Capital Investments, Inc., Ticker (MCIM), is a waste management assets holdings company. ECO Medical Waste Holdings, Inc. ("the Company") is a Texas based corporation, wholly owned subsidiary of Macau Capital Investments that provides solid waste and medical waste removal services to customers in Houston, Texas. Learn more visit our website:

About Phoenix Trash Solutions, Inc.
Phoenix Trash Solutions, Inc is a regional solid waste hauler in Houston, Texas servicing residents and commercial clients in Houston and surrounding counties. Learn more visit website:

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