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SS8 Networks Positioned as the Leader in EMA's Radar™ for Network Based Security Analytics


SS8 Networks, the leader in Network Intelligence, today, announced that
Enterprise Management Associates has positioned it as a Leader in their
"EMA Radar™ for Network Based Security Analytics" by David Monahan,
published on July 31,2018. The report, is the second of a two-part
series that focuses on vendors who use network information, such as
net-flows, deep packet inspection, and forensic packet analysis, to
gather telemetry.

"SS8 appreciates the recognition from EMA as a key security analytics
provider", said Dr. Keith Bhatia, Executive Vice President. "We know
determined bad actors (both inside or outside) will be able to
circumvent preventative measures to compromise networks and steal
information. We also acknowledge by working closely with our customers
that they do not need another security tool that shows them yet another
sets of network alerts. That is why SS8 has developed its behavioral
analytics-based and ML/AI powered security analytics engine, which
stands out by providing simple-to-understand threat information that is
device-centric versus alert fatigued."

"SS8 proved itself to be a formidable competitor in the space providing
excellent insights into threats. It utilizes multiple forms of adaptive
algorithms and proprietary intellectual property to accelerate incident
recognition and response," said David Manohan of EMA.

EMA further states "SS8 offers competitive pricing with great
flexibility for BreachDetect. It can also detect a range of attack
techniques—even those that are obfuscated. It makes extensive use of
Bayesian algorithms to analyze and detect suspicious activities.
BreachDetect is also one of just a handful of platforms in this analysis
that enable customization of internal workflows. It excels at linking
events by continually analyzing historical network behaviors with
current web and threat reputation data to locate compromised endpoints.
Given its long history of providing compliance solutions to large
communications providers, it's no surprise that BreachDetect scored
highly on compliance reporting. The combination of its generous R&D
investments, lengthy list of patents, solid growth strategy, and
long-term history gave it outstanding scores for vendor strength, which
is somewhat unusual for a privately-held company."

With average vendors scoring 282, SS8 scored 369 to firmly capture the
leadership position.

The full report " EMA Radar™ for Network Based Security Analytics " is
available to EMA clients at

About SS8

SS8, a network intelligence company, provides solutions to help
customers quickly identify, track, and investigate devices and subjects
of interest. By generating, storing, and recursively analyzing
high-definition metadata records extracted from network packets, SS8
customers gain unprecedented intelligence for investigating what matters
most. SS8 is trusted by six of the largest intelligence agencies, eight
of the fourteen largest communications providers and five of the largest
systems integrators. Visit or
follow us on Twitter @SS8.

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