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Yellowbrick Data Emerges From Stealth With Production Customers and $44 million in Series A Funding to Unveil Yellowbrick Data Warehouse


Yellowbrick Data Warehouse fundamentally changes the way businesses can
capitalize on Big Data, AI and IoT

today emerged from stealth to debut its revolutionary
Yellowbrick analytic solution for hybrid cloud, the cornerstone of which
is the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse™. The company has also revealed $44M
in Series A funding from DFJ,
, Samsung
and Third
Point Ventures
. Based on the Yellowbrick architecture for native
flash queries, the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse is 30x smaller and up to
140x faster compared to existing solutions. Yellowbrick Data is already
generating revenue, with multiple customers including,

"The performance we saw after one week of testing blew us away. The
Yellowbrick Data Warehouse allows us to do things that we couldn't do
before - and at a price point that can be three to five times lower than
any other competitive solution," said Atul Jain, Chairman and CEO of
TEOCO Corporation. "The Yellowbrick system is so powerful; we will be
able to produce insights that we could not produce before."

Data warehousing needs a redesign: a fragmented ecosystem of solutions
based on legacy architectures has hamstrung efficiency and forced
businesses to compromise on how quickly and easily they can derive
insights from data. Big Data and analytics are already an indispensable
tool for enterprises; emerging fields like AI, autonomous devices and
IoT will only make the ability to rapidly access current and historic
data more essential. As personal technologies have gotten smaller and
more powerful, how is it possible that the enterprise data warehouse
continues to be such a bloated resource drain?


Yellowbrick Data brings simplicity back to analytics and data
warehousing. Designed as a turnkey appliance using the latest
technologies, the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse is based on the Yellowbrick
architecture for native flash queries, unlocking the true speed of flash
memory to power analytics in the hybrid cloud.

Features of the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse include:

  • 97% SIZE REDUCTION: replacing six seven-foot cabinets and
    multiple independent systems with one 12-inch, fully integrated
    appliance means less hardware to manage and better reliability.
    Customers will save millions in power, cooling and data center costs.

"Yellowbrick will save TEOCO $5 million in data center costs over the
next several years."
- Rick Mahuson, VP of R&D Business Analytics at
TEOCO Corporation

  • UP TO 140x FASTER: in retail fraud detection, advertising
    analytics, ad hoc queries and more, customers get results in minutes
    or seconds to queries that were once impossible using conventional

"With mission critical federal programs, having the ability to load
data faster, query data faster, do joins that might lead to a discovery
that you wouldn't have seen before is an actual life-saver."
- Wes
Daniels, COO of Clarity Innovations, a Yellowbrick partner

    Data engineered the entire stack to perform at the speed of memory.
    Replacing the spinning disk with an all memory architecture, data
    moves directly from flash memory to the CPU. A modular design allows
    customers to scale up to petabytes of data by adding analytic nodes on
    the fly.

"With Yellowbrick, we can easily add an extra blade or two, even with
the appliance running. Right-sizing hardware no longer poses a
- Atul Jain, Chairman and CEO of TEOCO Corporation.

    for high level of ingest and processing, customers can run mixed
    workloads, including ad hoc queries, large batch queries, business
    reports, ETL processes and OBDC inserts simultaneously without delay.

"The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse offers Overstock a solution to the
challenge of fast analytics at a reasonable cost. It is a unique
combination of simple deployment with fast and scalable analytic
- Don Boling, manager of business intelligence at

  • HYBRID CLOUD DATA WAREHOUSING: the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse
    architecture supports on-premises, private cloud, co-location, edge
    computing, and public cloud. The small form factor facilitates
    deployment virtually anywhere.

"We're expanding Yellowbrick Data Warehouses out to multiple
customers across the globe. We think we can consolidate multiple systems
onto the Yellowbrick platform."
- Nigel Pratt, SVP of Technology of
Symphony RetailAI

Founded in 2014 by Neil Carson (CEO), Jim Dawson (CRO) and Mark
Brinicombe (principal architect), the Yellowbrick team brings decades of
experience in both databases and data warehousing hardware from
companies including Fusion-io, Netezza, Google, Microsoft Server, Intel,
Snowflake, IBM and Informix. Leading venture capital firms DFJ, GV,
Menlo Ventures, Samsung Ventures and Third Point Ventures provided $44
million in Series A funding.


General availability for the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse opened in
September 2017. For more information, contact Yellowbrick Data at


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· Twitter: @yellowbrickdata

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Yellowbrick Data empowers companies to make faster decisions with all of
their data. Built for enterprises and the hybrid cloud, the Yellowbrick
Data Warehouse deploys powerful analytics anywhere, with best in-class
economics. Find out what you can achieve today at

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