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Global Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPS Cell) Industry Report 2018-2019: Market Analysis by Product Category, Application and Geography -


The "Global
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPS Cell) Industry Report 2018-19"

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Since the discovery of iPSCs a large and thriving research product
market has grown into existence, largely because the cells are
non-controversial and can be generated directly from adult cells.

While it is clear that iPSCs represent a lucrative product market,
methods for commercializing this cell type are still being explored, as
clinical studies investigating iPSCs continue to increase in number.

Market leaders have emerged in all areas of iPSC development,

  • Drug Development and Discovery: CDI, a Fujifilm Company, in Madison,
    Wisconsin; Ncardia in Cologne, Germany
  • Cellular Therapy: RIKEN Center, in Kobe, Japan; Kyoto University in
    Kyoto, Japan; Cynata Therapeutics in Australia
  • Stem Cell Biobanking: CDI, a Fujifilm Company, in Madison, Wisconsin;
    ORIG3N in Boston, Massachusetts
  • iPSC Research Products: CDI, a Fujifilm Company; Ncardia, ReproCELL;
    Thermo Fisher Scientific; STEMCELL Technologies; BD Biosciences; Axol
    Bioscience; and many more

iPS Cell Commercialization

  • Drug Development & Discovery: iPSCs have the potential to transform
    drug discovery by providing physiologically relevant cells for
    compound identification, target validation, compound screening, and
    tool discovery.
  • Cellular Therapy: iPSCs are being explored in cellular therapy
    applications for purposes of reversing injury or disease.
  • Toxicology Screening: iPSCs can be used for toxicology screening,
    which is the use of stem cells or their derivatives (tissue-specific
    cells) to assess the safety of compounds or drugs within living cells.
  • Stem Cell Biobanking: iPSC repositories provide researchers with the
    opportunity to investigate a diverse range of conditions using
    iPSC-derived cell types produced from both healthy and diseased donors.

Key Findings

  • Market Size Determination for the iPSC Market
  • Market Segmentation by Product Category, Application, and Geography
  • 5 Year Market Projections through 2022
  • Trend Analysis of iPSC Grants
  • Trend Analysis of iPSC Clinical Trials
  • Trend Analysis of iPSC Scientific Publication
  • Analysis of iPSC Patent and IP Environment
  • SWOT Analysis for the iPSC Market
  • Competitive Analysis of iPSC Market Leaders
  • Profiles of iPSC Market Leaders

Key Topics Covered

1. Scope and Methodolog

2. Executive Summary

3. Background - IPSC Research

4. Market Analysis by Product Category

5. Market Analysis by Application

6. Market Analysis by Geography

7. Patents

8. Companies

9. Company Profiles

  • Axol Bioscience
  • Cellular Dynamics International (CDI), a Fujifilm Company
  • Fate Therapeutics
  • Lonza
  • Megakaryon Corporation
  • Ncardia
  • ORIG3N
  • ReproCELL
  • Riken
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific

10. Conclusions

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