Market Overview

ThreatConnect Expands its Threat Intelligence Analysis Workbench


ThreatConnect adds functionality and features to enhance user
collaboration and analysis

To continue to help organizations streamline threat intelligence,
operations, and incident response, ThreatConnect, Inc.®, provider of the
industry's only extensible, intelligence-driven security platform
announces improved functionality and features to ease security
operations process automation and integration.

Improved features and functionality include:

  • Updated Search: With the new Search feature, users are able to
    find relevant information and intelligence faster. Results now provide
    clearer and more relevant information, including Observations and
    False Positive reports. Files and documents are also parsed and the
    results sorted using ThreatConnect's proprietary ThreatAssess
    algorithm, which allows analysts to quickly uncover the most malicious
  • NEW Graph View: From the graph view, users can pivot to find
    additional relationships and view in-depth information without losing
    context on their investigation. The Graph View is available in
    ThreatConnect for every Indicator, Group,
    and Tag in the Platform. With Graph View, users now have a wide range
    of options to understand relationships in-depth and build out their
    investigations for faster understanding of threats.
  • NEW Notifications Center: The Notifications Center helps
    analysts stay on top of critical updates to their intelligence. Users
    have total control over what they're notified about and how
    often, and have multiple notifications options: an in-app alert, an
    immediate email, or a digest email. Users can also create custom
    notifications using ThreatConnect's API or Playbooks. By broadly
    expanding the notifications capability, analysts can better accomplish
    key monitoring tasks.
  • Indicator Status: Users now have the ability to manage the
    status of Indicators in the Platform automatically with
    ThreatConnect's CAL™
    (Collective Analytics Layer)
    or set Indicator status manually.
    With this, analysts can keep a record of benign and/or formerly
    malicious indicators even if they don't want the indicators considered
    for action.

Andy Pendergast, ThreatConnect's Vice President of Product said, "Our
goal is to help Security Operations Centers and threat intel teams run
with high efficiency and effectiveness. These new features will help
analysts be able to investigate threats faster and more effectively and
share the impact of their efforts with their security team and other
staff. We will continue to improve the Platform's capabilities to
provide organizations the confidence that they are basing actions and
decisions on relevant threat intelligence."

About ThreatConnect

ThreatConnect Inc.®, the pioneer in threat intelligence platforms, arms
organizations with a powerful defense against cyber threats and the
confidence to make strategic business decisions. Built on the industry's
only extensible security platform, ThreatConnect provides a suite of
products designed to meet the threat intelligence aggregation, analysis,
automation, and orchestration needs of security teams at any maturity
level. More than 1,600 companies and agencies worldwide use the
ThreatConnect platform to integrate their security technologies, teams,
and processes with relevant threat intelligence resulting in reduced
detection and response time for enhanced asset protection. To register
for a free ThreatConnect account or learn more, visit:

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