Market Overview

Introducing CoinMex: The Next-Generation Digital Asset Trading Platform


CoinMex, an innovative digital asset trading platform serving as
blockchain infrastructure to facilitate the implementation of various
blockchain projects, was recently launched. Driven by products and
technologies, CoinMex provides professional, effective and comprehensive
one-stop solutions for digital asset trading, exerting a positive impact
on the blockchain industry.

Tom Sun, Founder of CoinMex and former CTO of Okex, has a rich
experience in both techniques and management of digital asset trading
platforms. His team consists of professionals from leading internet
companies and securities firms from China such as Alibaba and Baidu.

CoinMex has recently launched the "United Mining Win-Win" project, which
can set various trading parameters including trading return ratio, daily
bonus limit, service charge return ratio and its methods, to interact
with users in a transparent manner and effectively increase position
holders, trading volume and market depth.

CoinMex has also introduced a DAPPS platform which integrates basic
services such as OTC, Digital Wallet, and Digital Asset Trading to
provide comprehensive solutions for token trading. CoinMex's DAPPS
platform has partnered with several other DAPPS platforms such as Delphy
to guarantee safe and reliable payment and trading services.

CoinMex is planning to upgrade its technology support by integrating AI
technology and big data, as well as exploring the integration of Digital
Wallet while undertaking corporate blockchain projects.

As the blockchain industry becomes more regulated, CoinMex will utilize
the blockchain technology to make its operation more open and
transparent to users.

CoinMex pursues a win-win relationship with its global partners. Until
now, CoinMex has collaborated with many global partners to promote the
overseas market and established a dynamic global crypto community. For
partnership opportunities please contact

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