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Wilshire Launches Two New Broad Market Target Income Indices


Licensed to Global X for Exchange Traded Funds

Wilshire Associates Incorporated (Wilshire®), an independent,
global advisory firm specializing in consulting services, investment
products and technology solutions, today announced the launch of two new
target income indices, the Wilshire TargetIncome 5% Plus Index℠
(TICKER:WTIFIV) and Wilshire TargetIncome 10-Year Treasury +2%
Plus Index℠ (NYSE:WTI). The indices have been licensed to
New York-based ETF provider Global X funds as the underlying benchmarks
for the Global X TargetIncome™ 5 ETF (CBOE:TFIV) and Global X
TargetIncome™ Plus 2 ETF (CBOE:TFLT), respectively, which began trading

The new indices leverage a unique, structured approach to portfolio
optimization intended to yield an income target that combines high
diversification with the lowest risk necessary to achieve targets.

The offering leverages intellectual capital from two distinct Wilshire
business units: Wilshire Analytics and Wilshire Funds Management.
Wilshire Analytics is the technology foundation of Wilshire and creator
of the Wilshire 5000®, definitive measure of the broad U.S.
stock market. Wilshire Funds Management, the investment management arm
of the firm that works with financial intermediaries globally, advises
on over $185 billion in assets, including traditional and alternative
investment strategies.

"While many high yield products exist today to service the growing
demand for outcome-oriented investing, particularly as baby boomers look
to retirement, few if any solutions address the challenge of volatility,
much less risk at a basic level," said Jason Schwarz, president of
Wilshire Analytics and Wilshire Funds Management. "By combining
Wilshire's robust multi-asset analytics and deep institutional
allocation expertise, we've structured indices that leverage an
optimization approach designed to achieve a target yield and minimize
risk through broad asset class exposure across a range of
income-producing vehicles," noted Schwarz.

Unlike other indices, Wilshire's optimization approach does not assume a
frictionless environment, and looks to achieve its targets as closely to
the optimal outcome without imposing undue turnover and transaction

"We're proud to bring these indices to market and very pleased to work
with Global X, recognized as a best-of-breed provider and well-respected
in the ETF distribution space," Schwarz added.

About the Indices

Wilshire TargetIncome 5% Plus Index and Wilshire TargetIncome 10-Year
Treasury +2% Plus Index each measure a strategy designed to provide
broad exposure to income-bearing assets through a universe of
exchange-traded funds, optimized to seek annualized target income yields
of 5% and 2% or greater than the U.S. 10-Year Treasury, respectively.
ETF index constituents are selected based on asset class exposure,
yield, fund liquidity and fees. Representative security types across ETF
exposure include global and U.S. stocks; preferreds; U.S. real estate
investment trusts (REITs); master limited partnerships (MLPs); energy
infrastructure equities; U.S. Treasuries; investment grade and high
yield bonds; U.S. Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS);
emerging market bonds; and, senior loans.

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About Wilshire Associates

Wilshire Associates, a leading global financial services firm, provides
consulting services, analytics solutions and customized investment
solutions to plan sponsors, investment managers and financial
intermediaries. Its business units include Wilshire Analytics, Wilshire
Consulting, Wilshire Funds Management and Wilshire Private Markets. The
firm was founded in 1972, providing revolutionary technology and acting
as an early innovator in the application of investment analytics and
research to investment managers in the institutional marketplace.
Wilshire is also credited with helping to develop the field of
quantitative investment analysis that uses mathematical tools to analyze
market risks. All other business units evolved from Wilshire's strong
analytics foundation. Wilshire developed the Wilshire 5000 Total Market
Index and became an early innovator in creating integrated
asset/liability analysis/simulation models as well as practical models
in risk budgeting through beta and active risk analysis. Wilshire has
grown to a firm of approximately 275 employees serving the needs of
investors around the world. Based in Santa Monica, California, Wilshire
provides services to clients in more than 20 countries representing 500
organizations with assets totaling approximately US $9 trillion.* With
ten offices worldwide, Wilshire Associates and its affiliates are
dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality products and
services. Wilshire® and Wilshire 5000® are registered service marks of
Wilshire Associates Incorporated. Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index℠,
Wilshire TargetIncome 5% Plus Index℠ and Wilshire TargetIncome 10-Year
Treasury +2% Plus Index℠ are service marks of Wilshire Associates


*Client assets are as represented by Pensions & Investments (P&I),
detailed in P&I's "Largest Retirement Funds" and P&I's "Largest Money
Managers (U.S. institutional tax-exempt assets)" as of 9/30/17 and
12/31/17, and published 2/5/18 and 5/28/18, respectively.

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