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The Truck-Mounted Drilling Equipment Manufacturing Market in North America - Forecast to 2022 -


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Drilling Equipment Manufacturing in North America Size, Shares,
Segmentation, Competitors, Channels, Trends, and Outlook Underlying the
Manufacture of Truck-Mounted Drilling Equipment - 2017-2022 Analysis &
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Thirty-one manufacturers of truck-mounted digger derricks and drill rigs
in the United States and Canada have been analyzed and aggregated into
an analytical framework to define a $455 million business. Drilling
equipment is typically affixed to a platform or a utility body and then
mounted on a truck chassis.

The segment has three manufacturers offering both digger derricks and
drill rigs. The digger derrick segment has seven manufacturers, most of
which also manufacture other utility equipment such as aerial buckets.
The two leading companies manufacture more than 95% of units shipped.
Barriers to entry are high, as existing manufacturers are deeply
entrenched with well-established brands.

In the drill rig category, very few companies exclusively concentrate on
truck-mounted drill rigs. This product is typically manufactured along
with other types of drilling rigs. The market for drill rigs has changed
over the years. The water well segment has historically been the main
market, but the surge in oil and gas production in North America brought
about a spurt in demand for truck-mounted drill rigs. Much of the demand
for truck-mounted drill rigs since 2010 has been from the energy
exploration sector.

Most digger derricks are purchased by municipalities for installation of
electrical and telephone lines, and expansion of these networks is
dependent on new housing construction.

These and other topics are the subject of this report. The report can be
put to immediate use for sales and market planning, M&A identification,
competitive share analysis, alliances and technology transfer

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2 Product Types

3 Market Size Estimates - Units & Dollars 2017

4 Market Shares: Competitive Analysis in Units & Dollars

5 Market Shares: By Body Type

6 Market Analysis

7 Market Dynamics & Demand Factors

8 Outlook 2018-2022

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11 Manufacturer Profiles (31 Companies Profiled)

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