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China's Domestic Market for Floor Coatings Grew by 8.1% in 2017: Market Assessment & 5 Year Forecast -


The "Assessment
of China's Market for Chemical Floor Coatings"
report has been
added to's offering.

The report provides an in-depth analysis on the production, sales,
distribution and applications of six major types of floor coatings that
are sold and used in the China market, which includes:

  • Epoxy floor coatings (EPFC)
  • Polyurethane floor coatings (PUFC)
  • Acrylic floor coatings (ACFC)
  • Liquid hardeners
  • Unsaturated polyester floor coatings (UPFC)
  • Polyurea floor coatings (POFC)

For each product segments, this report provides detailed market figures
and breakdowns such as the market share of leading players, output
compared to production capacity and the proportion of revenue from
different end markets: parking lot, machinery manufacturing, chemical,
electronics, food and pharmaceutical, transportation, etc.

It also identifies, describes, and assesses the impact of current market
forces as viewed by current market players. The scope of the market is
defined as domestic Mainland China sales and imports, which totaled
around RMB 23 Bn in 2017, and had grown by 8.1% since 2016.

Report Coverage

  • Market size, by revenue & sales volume
  • Domestic production capacity, output, imports and exports, by market
  • Rankings and market shares of top suppliers, overall and by segment
  • Sales channels and the role of channel players
  • Detailed profiles of leading foreign and domestic suppliers
  • Market trends, growth, drivers and inhibitors, opportunities and the
    regulatory situation 5-year forecasts

Companies Featured

  • AkzoNobel
  • Ameripolish
  • Ardex
  • BASF
  • First Tech
  • Flowcrete
  • Hunter
  • Kingcom
  • Maiqi
  • Mapei
  • Nanpao
  • Sika
  • Specchem
  • Supe
  • Topu

Key Topics Covered

Chapter 1
I. Introduction
II. Definitions and Process

Chapter 2
Total Analysis
I. Executive Summary
II. Market
III. Competitive Analysis
IV. Channel Player Analysis

Chapter 3
Segment Analysis
I. Epoxy Floor Coatings (EPFC)
Polyurethane Floor Coatings (PUFC)
III. Acrylic Floor Coatings
IV. Liquid Hardeners
V. Unsaturated Polyester Floor
Coatings (UPFC)
VI. Polyurea Floor Coatings (POFC)

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