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Codefresh Enterprise Offers Windows Support, Role-Based Access Control, Unique Hybrid Infrastructure and More


Company backed by M12, Microsoft's Venture Fund

the first Kubernetes-native Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery
(CI/CD) platform, today launched Codefresh
that offers advanced deployment options, Windows, Arm
(32/64-bit) build support, and enterprise-grade permissions and
authorization. Codefresh's Chief Evangelist Dan Garfield details the
announcement in a new blog post, "Codefresh
Delivers for Enterprise: RBAC, On Prem/Hybrid, SSO, Windows and more
on the company's website.

Codefresh Enterprise features include:

  • Hybrid infrastructure, meaning Codefresh can securely access and work
    with internal systems so builds do not leave the infrastructure, and
    companies maintain ownership of their builds;
  • Docker/Kubernetes support on Windows, Arm (32/64-bit), and Linux;
  • Single sign-on authentication via SAML, Okta, LDAP and more;
  • Role-based access control.

"With Codefresh Enterprise and hybrid deployment, developers can have
their cake and eat it too," Garfield said. "Enterprises want to use SaaS
software, but for security reasons, they often have to install and
manage software themselves. Managing all that software is expensive,
inflexible, and hard to maintain. Codefresh's hybrid model provides a
SaaS-like experience while keeping builds and code on the user's

Known for making it easier and up to 24x faster to deploy applications
to Kubernetes, Codefresh is a proven solution with:

  • 3.4M images
  • 5.4M commits
  • 3.2M builds
  • 20,000+ users

Customer Quote:

"Now when our engineers commit code, Codefresh runs all the testing
we need and spins up an environment just for the feature they worked on.
Our QA and design teams can access this unique environment and do a
level of testing that just wasn't possible before. Our test cycle went
from three days to three hours."

Damon Zirkler, Solutions
Architect, Steelcase

Additional Resources:

About Codefresh, Inc.
Founded in 2014, Codefresh is the
first Kubernetes-native CI/CD. After GA in 2017, Codefresh has already
gained over 20,000 users. Unlike legacy solutions, Codefresh pipelines
are uniquely designed for cloud-native technologies like Kubernetes and
Helm. Codefresh is headquartered in Mountain View, CA and backed by
world-class investors: M12, Microsoft's venture fund, Viola Ventures,
Hillsven, CEIIF, UpWest Labs and Streamlined Ventures. Learn more about
Codefresh at
Follow on LinkedIn and Twitter at @codefresh.

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