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New DNA Test Determines Cannabis Compatibility


Endocanna Health Creates New Paradigm of Personalized Medicine
Connecting Human DNA with Cannabis Genetic Profiles

Today marks the launch of the Endocanna Health "Cannabinoid DNA
Variant Test™"
the most comprehensive personalized
cannabis DNA test available on the market today. Developed by a team of
renowned scientists at Endocanna Heath, a biotechnology research
company, this direct-to-consumer DNA test kit, analyzes an individual's
DNA markers and provides science backed recommendations based on their
specific DNA in a way no other test has been able to do before.

Until now, there was no comprehensive way to test one's unique DNA and
align it with the latest research to predict how humans may respond to
cannabis. For example, some individuals with a specific variant in the
gene CYP2C9 may not metabolize THC well and should be cautious about
consuming edible products. The test also screens for genetic variants
linked to the tendency to experience greater levels of anxiety, drug
dependence, and a host of other traits. Therefore, this test allows
people to have positive outcomes, helps individuals demystify their
cannabis experiences, and further establishes cannabis as a viable
solution to alleviate health and wellness issues.

Endocanna Health utilizes a patent pending algorithm and process to
develop its Cannabinoid DNA Variant Report™. DNA for the test is
obtained through either a simple saliva swab or existing genetic data
from popular DNA testing services like Ancestry, 23andMe, Family Tree
DNA or MyHeritageDNA. Consumers can then use their personalized reports
to discover the right products for their specific genetics with product
suggestions from Endocanna Heath, providing a full spectrum experience.

"Our goal in establishing Endocanna Health is simple," says Len May,
Endocanna Health co-founder and CEO, "to provide individuals with the
tools and confidence to incorporate cannabis into their lives using the
most up-to-date research available today. Information that is accurate,
but most importantly personal and unique to an individual's DNA. The
goal of our reports is to help people identify which products may help
them, and try to give them the best possible outcomes with cannabis. We
are gratified to help the millions of people who use cannabis or who may
want to begin using cannabis make the most informed decisions when it
comes to using the plant."

The Endocanna Health Test Kit is available today through the company's website
and at select retailers throughout the country.

For more information about Endocanna Health or to receive a press kit
and sample, please contact Rosie Mattio at
or by calling (917) 583-6349.

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