Market Overview

Fotor Just Launched PxBee - the International Stock Photography Marketplace


PxBee releases
its new stock photo platform that streamlines the stock photo buying
process and increases the value of your photos.

PxBee entered the stock photo
industry today with the launch of their stock
photo marketplace
. With the increase in photo licensing for web
use, print and social media platforms, PxBee
identified a need for high-quality photos with budgets that allow even
small businesses to find the perfect stock photo at affordable and
attractive prices.

"We're really excited about the launch of this new online marketplace,"
said Tony Duan, CEO and founder of PxBee
and Fotor. "PxBee connects our
creative community of Fotor terrific photographers worldwide. Our
goal is to make a user-friendly marketplace with a huge collection of
high-quality photos for stock photo purchasers to choose from, and
ultimately increase the value of their images."

PxBee is unique in that it sources
exclusive licensing photos from the Fotor ‘Events' module. Fotor
authorizes the sale of 3 million photos through its ‘Events' module.
Launched in 2015, Fotor ‘Events'
carries out international photography contests weekly. This means
professional and amateur photographers have an opportunity to showcase
their talent and share their best photos for a chance to win cash prizes
and international exposure weekly. To date, more than 500 variously
themed contests have been hosted by Fotor officials and its
commercial partners.

"PxBee isn't pitching itself as a potential ‘Terminator' bringing
death to traditional stock-photo services like Getty Images or
Shutterstock," laughs Tony Duan of Fotor. "PxBee prefers a more
authentic and naturalistic look over staged photos. Our images are
entirely unique and the traditional stock photo market has no access to
the images that PxBee distributes, we offer a service that is
entirely complementary to that of our competitors," Tony said.

PxBee's next goal is that of an AI
powered platform that can automatically rate photos based on their
technical and aesthetic appeal. Since the start of Events, Fotor
has consistently screened millions of contest photos and the Fotor
team has developed an algorithm to score the photos. Thanks to the due
diligence involved in our planning, deploying, and governance of Big
Data, PxBee is confident it can showcase the diversity and complexity of
its imagery. Qualitative analysis, and the integration of APIs,
help users upload their best photos and make it easy for creatives to
find the photos they're looking for.

About Fotor

launched in 2012 and was quickly recognized within the industry as a
powerful image editing platform. Harnessing the role of technology in
visual culture and most especially photography, Fotor delivers an
all-in-one, photo editing suite that was promptly dubbed "Photoshop
Lite" by the BBC.

The Fotor app has over 50 million users around the world. It's
been awarded "Top Developer" by Google Play, and it placed First in the
Free Photo Apps category within the Apple Mac photographic community

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