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gA Expertise Accelerates the Journey to the Cloud


gA, a global leader in digital Business Transformation stands out in the
industry for offering an integrated approach to help organizations fast
track their evolution to the cloud, achieving the highest value for each

Today, the business motivators for moving IT from a physical
infrastructure to a virtual cloud environment are compelling. Yet, there
are challenges and risks as well, including skill gaps and concerns with
security. Successful cloud migration requires careful navigation and a
knowledgeable partner. gA has proven capabilities throughout each step
of the cloud migration journey, from strategic cloud journey planning
and design, preparation, shifting and lifting to the defined
environment, to empowering the business with digital cloud applications
and technologies.

"To remain agile and competitive, reduce IT costs and simplify complex
operations, the time for migrating to the cloud is now," Ricardo Fisch,
VP and Chief Architecture Officer says. "Companies who delay adopting
cloud, risk falling behind. gA is here to help organizations unleash the
power of the cloud to achieve their highest potential faster."

Whatever the size of the enterprise or scope of the cloud migration
project, gA expertly pilots the journey, mapping a path that avoids
complications, protects against operational disruptions, ensures
security, and minimizes costs. gA‘s ability to move an organization's
entire operation into the cloud, in a safe and efficient manner,
facilitates an escalating balance of opportunities and heightened
results for the organization.

Achieving short and long-term benefits

As an example, gA led the cloud migration for a global leader in food
services, GRSA from Compass Group, completing the move in four months
and at a cost representing a fraction of the projected annual IT
savings. Results were immediate, reducing TCO and enabling greater
elasticity, flexibility and more agility to support and seasonal
workloads and company continuous growth.

For the critical issue of security, a disaster recovery (DRP)
environment with a very low cost was established, "In addition to a
safer environment and cost savings, GRSA teams also gained greater
agility and flexibility to make decisions," said Fernando Ortiz, GRSA
Infrastructure Manager.

From day one, the new cloud operation generated a 45% reduction in costs
compared to the on-premise scenario. With the fast execution of the
project, GRSA experienced new savings with the flexibility of the cloud.
"Our IT environment is now modular, and elastic. We can adjust the
performance according to demand, controlling the expenses," remarked
Hermes Pacheco Zequi, GRSA IT Director.

The role of gA in partnering with an organization's teams is critical
for assisting the best cloud roadmap both for core systems (such as SAP
and Oracle – JD Edwards) as well as legacy applications. gA empowers
organizations with other tools and cloud solutions, helping to enhance
analytical models and integration in the cloud and providing SaaS
industry solutions.

To enable companies' growth, gA can help accelerate the expansion into
new business segments and new geographies taking advantage of cloud
elasticity. For companies looking to reduce IT expenses, gA can lower
operating costs with the best cloud journey design, combined with
applications and tools rationalization and standardization. gA can also
replace specific legacy or commercial on-premise components with cloud
solutions, and substitute (or complement) a physical DataWarehouse with
a virtual analytical cloud platform or with a Business Analytic as a
Service model.

There are multiple cloud migration alternatives, and by carefully
assessing the organization's needs and status and taking in account
strategic goals, gA can customize a cloud strategic plan. This ensures a
smooth transition to the cloud, avoiding risks, achieving cost
reductions as well as long-term success.

About gA

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the organizations. With 26 years of experience, we are the strategic
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