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Industry-Leading E-Commerce Platform GearLaunch Now Available Via Shopify Marketplace


Shopify Integration Makes Access to GearLaunch's Vast Supply of
Customizable Wholesale Goods and Industry-Leading Customer Service
Features Easier than Ever

GearLaunch, the leading E2E commerce platform, today announced general
availability of its Shopify application, making all GearLaunch features
and functions available directly from the Shopify E-commerce App
Marketplace. The integration grants one-click access to GearLaunch's
global supply chain and operational support capabilities, including
customer support for buyers. Originally introduced in beta form in
September of 2017, the program proved one of the fastest growing apps in
Shopify app store history. As of today, all of Shopify's 600,000
merchants have access to GearLaunch's array of curated, print-on-demand
products and backend support services such as customer service and
global supply chain logistics.

"Shopify is responsible for introducing more entrepreneurs to internet
retailing than any company in history," said Thatcher Spring,
GearLaunch's CEO. "Enabling the entrepreneurial success of our customers
is something that we pride ourselves on, and with this integration, we
have paved the road for all Shopify merchants to build successful,
scalable e-retail businesses."

Recent shifts in the online retailing industry have focused more
attention on drop-ship and on-demand print opportunities with an
increasing number of merchants moving to the newly matured model.
GearLaunch's cloud-based platform allows online entrepreneurs to pursue
this inventory free business model with the most sophisticated and
complete infrastructure available, including many tools and processes
generally reserved for the largest e-commerce operations. The GearLaunch
platform offers a variety of high-quality and customizable products
including apparel, home decor and other accessory products. GearLaunch's
products ship on-demand from many locations around the world including
the United States and are backed by GearLaunch's multi-channel customer
service team.

The integration allows all Shopify merchants to instantly access
GearLaunch's capabilities and scale their businesses. All Shopify
merchants can select GearLaunch within the Shopify app store to sync up
and gain access to the integration.

GearLaunch already serves as the backend logistics and supply chain
supplier for more than 2,000 Shopify merchants. Éire In My Blood owner
Paul McElroy found that moving to GearLaunch allowed him to rapidly grow
his company's size and revenue. "After moving from one failed supplier
relationship to another, GearLaunch has added new found stability and
growth for my business. As a smaller operator, I am now able to compete
on equal footing with much larger operations and am now starting to see
revenue numbers I previously only associated with those same larger
firms! The move to GearLaunch also provided Éire in My Blood with a
better margin on its products," McElroy says, without revealing

With a continuously growing catalogue of product offerings, GearLaunch's
3,000 merchants generated close to $100 million in product sales last
year. Now, with GearLaunch's Shopify application, any e-commerce
merchant operating a Shopify storefront can take advantage of
GearLaunch's platform from anywhere on the globe.

About GearLaunch

Founded in 2013 by a team of e-commerce, CPG and retail industry
veterans, GearLaunch offers a sophisticated platform for E2E commerce, a
rapidly emerging category that focuses on the full e-commerce value
chain. The company provides the tools and resources for online retailers
to build completely independent and scalable online businesses, giving
them complete control of their customer relationships and enabling
infinite scale. With more than $95 million in sales during 2017 and 4.5
million products sold to date across more than 3,000 merchant sites,
GearLaunch customers range from regional and specialty outlets to large
global brands.

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