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Zoho Innovates Event Management Space With New Zoho Backstage


Comprehensive end-to-end event management platform touts intuitive
website builder, seamless marketing campaign integration and event
mobile app for attendee engagement

Today, Zoho announced its newest product offering: Backstage, an
end-to-end event management tool that allows organizers, corporations,
and non-profit agencies to plan, promote, and run events ranging from
large-scale meetings to conferences and trade shows. Zoho Backstage
comes equipped with a broad range of features, including a
multi-language website builder, agenda planner, attendee mobile app,
sponsor management, detailed analytics and more. Backstage adds a
completely new marketing channel to Zoho's integrated suite of apps,
Zoho One.

"Planning and running an event is a complex operation that has
traditionally required different tools for each stage of the process—a
website builder, a mass emailing solution, scanners for checking in
attendees, and a stand-alone app for audience engagement," said Raju
Vegesna, Chief Evangelist, Zoho Corp. "Backstage embraces event
management from start to finish by offering a unified online platform
that allows organizers to market the event, fill seats, and engage
audience all from within one product. Rather than getting bogged down in
the complexities of the tools being used, this holistic event management
system lets organizers focus on what matters: putting on a great event."

Highlights of Zoho Backstage:

Before the Event

Dynamic event website builder: Zoho Backstage enables organizers
to create a dynamic event website from scratch within minutes. The
website builder includes multi-language support, an agenda planner,
sponsor promotion, direct registration (for free and paid tickets),
photo gallery, speaker management, and customizable labels and sections.

Intuitive agenda planner: With Backstage's agenda builder,
organizers can create unique schedules for each event, choosing from
different session types and organizing presentations into multiple
tracks. They can simply drag-and-drop the time blocks to build the
perfect event for their attendees.

Sponsor and speaker management: To get the most out of an event,
external partners—such as speakers and sponsors—need to be highlighted
prominently on the event website. Important speakers can be featured on
the homepage to boost interest, and the dedicated sponsor page gives
credit to the outside companies that made the event possible. Backstage
also allows organizers to define sponsorship categories to maximize

Promotion tool: Event planners can use the built-in promotion
tools to spread the word and increase event reach. Backstage also offers
the option of embedding promotional banners on third-party websites and
blogs. It equips event marketers with customizable email templates
directed at attendees and sponsors, both for promotional and
instructional purposes. In addition to this, Backstage can also be
integrated with Zoho Campaigns via Zoho Flow to run email marketing

Monitor ticket sales: Backstage integrates with Eventbrite
allowing organizers to watch in real time as attendance grows in the
days and weeks before the event. In the next couple of months, Backstage
will also be releasing an in-house ticketing solution that will bring
the entire ticketing process onto one platform.

Custom branded mobile app: Attendees can have an engaging
experience with a completely custom branded event mobile app. This can
be hosted on the App Store and Play Store and is available for both iOS
and Android devices.

During the Event

Content library: Presentations are an integral part of any
corporate event. With its native integration with Zoho Docs and Show,
Backstage offers a centralized content library to create and manage
slide decks, files, images, and more. This ensures that on event day all
the presentations are pre-loaded and the sessions run smoothly, without
any disruptions.

Agenda personalization: Personalized agendas allow attendees to
keep track of all the sessions they are most interested in. This
self-selected schedule makes it easy to check presentation times,
speaker bios, and assigned locations on the go.

Audience engagement: Backstage also integrates with Zoho's
internal presentation delivery tool, ShowTime. Designed to encourage
interaction during presentations, this tool allows attendees to provide
speakers with feedback through virtual Q&A, slide likes, and instant
ratings, all from within their mobile devices.

Community building: Event organizers can create an online
community even before the event starts. Discussion forums provide a good
opportunity for participants to not just interact with the organizers,
but also keep conversations going with other participants.

Attendee convenience: Large events can be impersonal and
overwhelming if attendee experience is not taken into consideration. In
an effort to reduce long lines on the opening day of the event, Zoho
Backstage allows staff to check in attendees with the click of a button
on the web dashboard or the mobile app, rather than using an external
scanning device.

After the Event

Comprehensive analytics: Zoho Backstage gives organizers insight
into the key performance indicators for each event, from engagement
statistics for individual session to attendance metrics for the entire
event. Speakers can be evaluated by reviewing the number of likes and
comments each session received and reading through post-presentation
attendee feedback.

Post-event feedback: Organizers can use Zoho Flow to integrate
Backstage with Zoho Survey, making it possible to gather information on
how the event resonated with attendees.

Customer Statements

"Our Zoho Backstage experience has been very positive.
In less than an hour and a half, Backstage helped me build a
two-day event with all the bells and whistles. The ability to have
multiple solutions in one place that saved 5 to 6 hours of my time is
just wonderful. I highly recommend Zoho Backstage."

- Josh Wagner - Director of Marketing. Fluitec International, New
Jersey, United States.

"Zoho Backstage can be best described as convenient, advanced, and
smart. We saved a lot of time—and time is money. This solution is
definitely worth the investment."

- Quốc Vinh - Group Chairman and CEO. Le Bros, Vietnam

"With Backstage, we were able to save time and money planning our
annual conference which was attended by 700+ delegates. All it took was
a few clicks to get our event website up and running. We were also able
to provide our attendees with an engaging and memorable event experience
through a custom branded mobile app. Backstage will surely be part of
our future events."

- Ramesh C Pathak - PMP, VP Technology. PMI Bangalore, India.

Pricing and availability:

Zoho Backstage is available immediately, both as a web app and as mobile
apps for iOS and Android. Zoho Backstage offers four subscription plans:
the Free plan, the Professional plan ($99 per month), the Professional+
plan ($199 per month), and the Single Event plan ($299 per event) with a
custom branding add-on at $1000 per year. Custom branding includes a
custom domain and mobile app. The Zoho Backstage Professional+ plan is
included as a part of Zoho One.

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