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Cratejoy Launches Subscription Box Accelerator


Cratejoy announced today the launch of the Subscription Box Accelerator
– a first-of-its-kind educational program hosting early-stage
entrepreneurs looking to connect their passion with profit by starting a
subscription box business. As part of the program, participants will
receive access to Cratejoy's tools and data, mentorship, networking
opportunities, introduction to a community of over 10,000 subscription
box entrepreneurs, exclusive marketing courses, and a chance to win up
to $10,000 in cash and prizes.

As the only subscription box technology platform to focus on
best-in-class experiences for both businesses and subscribers alike, Cratejoy
has driven much of the thought leadership in the subscription box
industry. This program is built upon best practices from thousands of
Cratejoy's successful subscription box business clients as well as the
preferences of over 225,000 Marketplace subscribers. The Accelerator is
the next evolution of Cratejoy's private pre-launch program, earning
graduates four times as much revenue than the average subscription box

Cratejoy is looking to partner with entrepreneurs in various stages:
current subscription box owners looking to launch a second box,
entrepreneurs wanting to launch for the first time, and current
e-commerce sellers looking to expand into the subscription space.

"Cratejoy understands that for small business owners to succeed, they
need the right tools and resources, which is why we invest so heavily in
the educational component of our business," said Amir Elaguizy, CEO &
Co-Founder of Cratejoy.

Participants in the Subscription Box Accelerator will experience:

  • 6-week program consisting of education, mentorship with successful
    subscription box entrepreneurs, and regular check-ins with the
    Cratejoy team
  • Access to the Cratejoy community and executives, and the opportunity
    to network with Accelerator program peers
  • Advice on all areas of a successful launch, including:
    • Prelaunch
    • Business Planning
    • Pricing Strategy
    • Box Packaging
    • Marketing
    • Shipping
  • Program ending with a successful subscription box business launch

Applications for the accelerator program are now open through Sunday
8/12/18 at 11:59pm CDT. To learn more and start the application process,
visit the Subscription
Box Accelerator

About Cratejoy:

Based in Austin, TX, Cratejoy is a SaaS platform and marketplace that
makes it simple to start and scale subscription box businesses.
Cratejoy's features are tailored specifically to subscription commerce,
such as offering world-class tools and dedicated business coaches to
support their merchants at every stage. Visit Cratejoy's website to
learn more about how Cratejoy can help your business or connect with
@cratejoybiz on Twitter,
and LinkedIn.

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