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Array Network Functions Platforms Validated to Support SiteGuard Web Application Firewalls


AVX Series service chains Array virtual ADCs for SSL offload, SSL
intercept and load balancing with JP-Secure's WAF, improving performance
and allowing full inspection of encrypted traffic

Networks Inc.
, the network functions platform company, today
announced validation of JP-Secure's SiteGuard virtual web application
firewalls as certified compatible with Array's AVX Series Network
Functions Platform. Headquartered in Kawasaki City, Japan, JP-Secure
offers localized SiteGuard WAF software throughout Japan, as well as
SiteGuard Lite, its hosted WAF software that is used by more than
400,000 WordPress and other sites.

SiteGuard is typically deployed as software on Commercial Off-The-Shelf
(COTS) hardware; however, deploying on Array's AVX Series provides a
number of key advantages:

  • Offloads SSL processing to enhance WAF performance: vAPV
    instances running on the AVX Series utilize the system's hardware SSL
    resources to provide accelerated SSL processing and reduce workload on
    the SiteGuard WAF, improving performance.
  • Enables full inspection of SSL traffic: AVX Series running
    Array's vAPV virtual ADCs with the SSL intercept option allows
    encrypted traffic to be decrypted, passed to the SiteGuard instance as
    cleartext to allow full inspection, then re-encrypted by a second vAPV
    instance before being sent on to its final destination.
  • Provides redundancy and high availability: The vAPV load
    balancer running on AVX Series provides health checking to ensure the
    availability of SiteGuard instances, automatically diverting to a
    healthy instance in the event of downtime.
  • Consolidates multiple VAs or software with guaranteed performance: AVX
    Series Network Functions Platforms can consolidate multiple Array and
    third-party virtual appliances or software – such as DDoS protection,
    ADC, NGFW and WAF – onto a single appliance, saving rack space, power
    and cooling and allowing service chaining for enhanced security
    functionality, while providing each instance with guaranteed
    performance through dedicated CPU, memory, I/O and SSL resources.

"SiteGuard is another great example of the diverse range of third-party
devices that can benefit from deployment on our Network Functions
Platform," said Milind Kulkarni, senior director of Product Management
at Array Networks. "JP-Secure's SiteGuard is a proven technology that is
widely used to protect web assets throughout Japan. By combining
SiteGuard on our platform with our virtual ADCs, organizations can
realize the full benefit of WAF technology, with the flexibility to
customize their deployment with other best-of-breed products to optimize
their operations."

Array's Japan offices will develop and release a deployment guide for
JP-Secure's SiteGuard running on Array's AVX Series Network Functions

About Array Networks

Array Networks, the network functions platform company, solves
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About JP-Secure

JP-Secure provides products and services based on the technology and
know-how of the "Japan-originated world" so that the Internet that has
become part of daily life can be used safely and with peace of mind. In
order to realize an IT society that can be used with confidence from the
enterprise to the home, we will nurture technology and people and will
always contribute to society in good faith.

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