Market Overview

Gupshup Enables Several Enterprises to Gain Early Access to WhatsApp Business


Gupshup integrates the enterprise messaging environment with
WhatsApp, using its Smart messaging platform to enable rich interactive
messaging for better customer engagement

the leading Smart messaging platform, announced today that it is working
with WhatsApp to enable enterprises to quickly and easily build a brand
presence on WhatsApp, by providing early access to WhatsApp Business.
Gupshup offers programmable messaging APIs and managed services
enterprises can use to connect with customers over WhatsApp and to
orchestrate rich conversational messaging experiences.

Today, more than 1.5 billion people in over 180 countries use WhatsApp
to stay in touch with friends and family—anytime and anywhere.
Businesses all over the world have already been using WhatsApp
informally to communicate with customers, whether about product
enquiries or transactional updates. WhatsApp Business is a new way for
businesses to better manage such conversations with their customers. "We
are excited to be taking this instrumental step towards simplifying how
businesses and consumers communicate with each other," said Ravi
Sundararajan, COO of Gupshup.

As an early access solution provider for WhatsApp Business, Gupshup
helps enterprises quickly deploy the WhatsApp Business implementations
within a few weeks, using its full-featured out of the box deployment
solution, thereby greatly reducing time to market. Gupshup offers a
single programmable Smart messaging API for enterprises to communicate
with customers over WhatsApp as well as more than 30 other messaging
channels including SMS, web, in-app, and Facebook Messenger.

Gupshup's Smart messaging platform is replete with built-in features for
WhatsApp Business like opt-in and opt-out management; auto-translation
of transactional messaging templates; unified routing logic; interactive
two-way messaging workflows, and Smart messaging dashboard.

Some of the key enterprises enabled by Gupshup to gain early access to
WhatsApp Business include Citibank, DishTV, Kotak Mahindra Bank,
IndusInd Bank, and ICICI Bank. Gupshup is also offering opt-in
management solutions to enable enterprises to collect those opt-ins from
customers (using missed call, SMS keyword, opt-in webpage links etc.) in
compliance with WhatsApp Business policies, giving consumers the needed
privacy and control of content they wish to receive on WhatsApp.

Gupshup is working with several enterprises across various sectors,
including financial services, online commerce, entertainment, and retail
industries, all of which are now enabled to receive early access to
WhatsApp Business.

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