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The Big Easy Chooses Axis Communications' Network Cameras for a Glimpse into the City Streets


New Orleans integrates a wide variety of Axis network cameras around
the city with the Real Time Crime Center enabling first responders to
improve incident response and increase efficiency through collaboration
with the 911 dispatch center.

, the market leader in network video, today announced
its collaboration with The New Orleans Office of Homeland Security and
Emergency Preparedness to provide law enforcement and first
responders with immediate situational awareness by live streaming video
data into the New Orleans Real Time Crime Center.

After introducing the Citywide Public Safety Project, New Orleans,
Louisiana set its mission to incorporate video surveillance technology
with the 911 dispatch center and geolocation data in the New Orleans
Real Time Crime Center. When an emergency call comes into the dispatch
center, the live feed from a nearby camera appears on the wall monitors.
The Crime Center Technician is then able to validate, escalate and guide
police, Emergency Medical Services and partner agencies with real-time
updates for more efficient responses.

As a popular tourist destination with world-renowned festivals,
celebrations and events, the Crime Center has proven to be a real force
multiplier. During the 2018 Mardi Gras, law enforcement and partner
agencies had real-time information on the size of crowds and incidents
along the parade routes to successfully address over 50 cases that were
escalated from the Crime Center.

"New Orleans is a city with a population of around 400,000, with a
police force of approximately 1,200. We are able to compete successfully
for special events against larger cities due in large part to unique
ability to handle big crowds," said Ross Bourgeois, Office of Homeland
Security and Emergency Preparedness for the City of New Orleans. "That's
due to the professionalism, training and experience of our officers---
and it's due in part to our use of Axis technology to support the
situational awareness shared from the Real Time Crime Center."

Beyond events and post-incident evidence, the city also incorporates
video surveillance to better utilize resources on a regular basis. There
have been scenarios where police officers have seen a camera at the
scene of an automobile crash. The officer can then contact the Crime
Center Technician to quickly gather video evidence.

Reliable, accurate information from the surveillance cameras requires
strategic placement, which is a great challenge for New Orleans as a
historic city below sea level. There are hurricanes, road dust, pollen
as well as historic ordinances and structural guidelines. Rather than
adjusting camera placement to accommodate these factors, the extensive
Axis portfolio allows the city to mount cameras in the perfect spot that
adheres to the city's surveillance needs.

As a result, New Orleans installed over ten different network camera
models. Noteworthy is the AXIS Q60 PTZ Network Camera Series throughout
the infamous Bourbon Street. Having joint PTZ and panoramic views at
intersections provides clear visuals along all four streets at a given
time. Covering any blind spots within the blocks are AXIS Q37 Network
Cameras. The team was also amazed at how Axis Sharpdome technology with
the unique Axis speed dry function can overcome weather elements that
would otherwise require staff to clean the camera lenses on a regular

"We're excited that New Orleans, Louisiana chose to partner with Axis
Communications on this project," stated Steve Darragh, Business Area
Director, South Central, Axis Communications, Inc. "Through our
partnership we're not only able to protect visitors and citizens of New
Orleans, but we're also able to help the city streamline their emergency
response processes."

This project concludes phase one of integrating the municipal's cameras
throughout the city. New Orleans continues to work with Axis on next
phases to incorporate a community outreach program with local businesses
and neighborhoods to integrate private, external security cameras into
the New Orleans Real Time Crime Center.

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