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Trivantis' Lectora Selected as Recommended Authoring Tool by The Ohio State University's Office of Distance Education and eLearning


Lectora has been designated as the most complete eLearning authoring
tool with the highest potential to produce quality, accessible content

In an in-depth evaluation covering accessibility, back-end user
experience, and usability, the Ohio State University's Office of
Distance Education and eLearning's Authoring Tool Comparison Report
recommends Lectora over Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate

Trivantis' flagship authoring tool Lectora has been ranked first by the
Associated Educational Technologist of the Ohio State University's
Office of Distance and eLearning as part of a review and comparison of
Articulate Storyline, Lectora Inspire, and Adobe Captivate. According to
the author of the Authoring
Tool Comparison Project
, "Designers using Lectora have a greater
ability to create freely and add more complexity to a project without
diminishing the quality."

The report focuses heavily on the importance of creating accessible
eLearning content, meaning that people with disabilities can perceive,
understand, navigate, and interact with the training material. Lectora
supports the Section 508 guidelines as well as the Web Content
Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0 AA), ensuring both accessibility and
compliance with applicable laws. The OSU report notes the involvement of
the Digital Accessibility Center, who also recommends Lectora due to its
reputation of having the strongest capabilities for creating accessible

Trivantis further impressed the evaluators with the responsive and open
nature of the Business Solutions team, referencing the benefit of having
a direct line of communication in place to receive support. "We strive
to partner with our clients to ensure their feedback is actively
incorporated into improving our products and services. We're thrilled to
have worked with the OSU team to identify ways to create engaging,
interactive, and accessible training," says Daryl Fleary, VP Business

Ultimately, the report's author notes that "after a complete
investigation of Storyline, Lectora and Captivate, I am comfortable
recommending Lectora Inspire as the tool I believe our team would
benefit the most from moving forward. With its focus on accessibility
and combined upside of back-end and user experience, I believe Lectora
is the most complete tool that has the highest potential to produce
quality content that aligns with ODEE's standards and values of

Lectora is available for a free 30-day trial. For more information,
please visit:

About Trivantis

Trivantis® is the Award Winning eLearning software Company and makers of
Lectora®, ReviewLink™ and Trivantis Complete™, the industry's most
comprehensive eLearning solution. Since the company's founding in 1999,
Trivantis has been an innovative leader in the eLearning industry.
Lectora is the world's leading eLearning authoring software with
Responsive Course Design™ for easy mobile-friendly development.
Responsive Course Design provides a timesaving "design once, publish to
all devices" approach to creating content that is essential for our
multi-device world today. With Lectora, it's easy for organizations to
use the desktop or cloud-based tool to quickly create award-winning,
engaging training for all devices. Trivantis' solutions are offered in
many languages and used by large enterprises, Global 2000 companies,
small and mid-sized businesses, government agencies, and educational
institutions across the world.

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