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Odyssey Logistics & Technology Transforms Customer Intelligence with Qlik


Global Logistics Leader Enhances Customer Alerting, Delivery
Support and Proactive Insights Through Analytics

a leader in data analytics, today announced Odyssey Logistics &
Technology (Odyssey), a global logistics solutions provider, has selected
Qlik for its proactive customer intelligence data analysis, alerting
and insights needs. Odyssey provides a range of innovative technologies
to deliver thorough high-value logistics strategies, including managed
logistics services, intermodal, international transportation management
and trucking.

Odyssey is leveraging a variety of Qlik offerings, including Qlik Sense
and Qlik GeoAnalytics, to expand its business intelligence services,
partnering with customers through analytics to proactively manage the
complex and conflicting issues that are inherent in logistics.

"Our customers expect freight to be delivered on time, every time.
Conditions and resource variability, from weather to truck availability
to fuel costs, makes it critical that we proactively analyze live data,
update customers regularly and avoid the unexpected," said Joe Easley,
Qlik Administrator at Odyssey Logistics & Technology. "With Qlik we are
uncovering detailed insights by blending internal and external data,
mitigating issues ahead of time and meeting our customers' demanding
needs with confidence."

Easley added that one of the most significant issues Odyssey deals with
is weather, which can range from ice and snow to rain, flooding,
wildfires, fog or dust storms. "Even though origin and destination are
fixed points for planned deliveries, weather can be different at each
site, impacting transit and delivery times," said Easley. "Odyssey
initially managed weather issues through a manual process, with
operational teams reviewing National Weather Service alerts, reports and
emails. Our teams spent hours refining searches based on specific geo
areas, augmenting with Google Maps to configure details and only then
determining if there was a real problem that required action."

Through Qlik, Odyssey has built a connection to the National Weather
Service CAPS Atom feed, refined alerts down to five transportation
relevant categories and used Qlik GeoAnalytics to aggregate and model
every alert. Client data was brought into Qlik Sense from the live
system to create proactive alerts on any individual shipment based on
origin and destination weather variables (e.g. a refrigerated shipment
and heat index issues). Dashboards provide actionable data for internal
client teams and customers alike to avoid issues and ensure delivery.

Odyssey has blended ERP data and its proprietary TMS system data in Qlik
to feed the Odyssey Visibility Portal, which now provides customers both
on the fly analytics and custom content that is pre-curated per customer
by the internal development team. Data can be refreshed at whatever
cadence customers want based on use case, making data on-demand vs.
on-request in one interactive dashboard vs. double digit static reports.

In the next 12-18 months Odyssey will be integrating even more external
data such as U.S. Department of Energy weekly fuel index costs, Bureau
of Labor Statistics on labor rate fluctuations and the impact on
shipping rates, and World Bank data on import/export ratios, all of
which will expand a customer's understanding of global and regional
issues that affect their businesses. Odyssey also will be blending data
to bring deeper insights to customers such as real-time truck tracking
with risk management (road conditions, weather, driver time on road) to
create a delivery risk index.

"Using Qlik has helped Odyssey avoid data arrogance, which we define as
relying on only internal data to make decisions. Through Qlik's ability
to blend external data with our own, we've quickly scaled applications
and expanded the platform's value with actionable insights that can be
made available in minutes for intelligent decision making," said Easley.

About Odyssey

Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation (Odyssey)
is a global logistics solutions provider with freight network of over
$2B. Odyssey's services include intermodal services, trucking services,
managed services, international transportation management and
consulting. With operations in North America, Europe and Asia, Odyssey
operates in all modes of transport with TL/LTL trucking, containership,
rail, air, and bulk transport including bulk truck, ISO Tank, railcar
and tanker, as well as food-grade product lines.

The Odyssey Global Logistics PlatformSM features a
transportation management system that supports the safe, reliable and
efficient delivery of client products throughout the world.

For more about Odyssey, please visit

About Qlik

Qlik® is the leading data analytics platform and the pioneer of
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