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Marcus Meadows-Smith Named Independent Director at Crop Enhancement


As Crop Enhancement Prepares to Launch Its First Crop Protection
Product, Meadows-Smith to Advise on Value-Creation Strategies

Enhancement Inc
., an innovator of sustainable agrochemical products
for enhancing crop yields, has appointed Marcus Meadows-Smith to its
board of directors. As a proven, successful, and recognized executive of
the agrochemical industry, Mr. Meadows-Smith will assist the management
team with the development of business models and go-to-market strategies
that position Crop Enhancement for success as it reaches a key
inflection point: commercialization of its technology.

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Marcus Meadows-Smith, CEO BioConsortia, Inc. and newly named Board Director, Crop Enhancement Inc. ( ...

Marcus Meadows-Smith, CEO BioConsortia, Inc. and newly named Board Director, Crop Enhancement Inc. (Left) with Dr. Kevin Chen, CEO, Crop Enhancement Inc. (Right). (Photo: Business Wire)

Mr. Meadows-Smith is currently CEO of BioConsortia, Inc., a discoverer
of microbial crop protection and enhancement products. Prior to that, he
turned around the biopesticide business AgraQuest Inc. over a four-year
timeframe, culminating in that company being acquired by Bayer
CropScience for over $400 million. Following Bayer's acquisition of
AgraQuest, he became head of biologics for Bayer CropScience.
Previously, Mr. Meadows-Smith had a 14-year career at Chemtura
Corporation, assuming multiple managerial roles and ultimately becoming
EVP for a $2 billion portfolio of businesses that included crop
protection, consumer products, and plastics additives.

Crop Enhancement's market momentum is growing as the company gears up to
launch its first crop protection product, CropCoat®. Extremely
successful field trials with cacao growers and food value chain partners
demonstrated double-digit yield increases, confirming that Crop
Enhancement's unique approach gives growers a powerful new tool to
address the demands of consumers who want sustainably produced foods.

The CropCoat product achieves this through several effective modes of
action (MOAs) that growers can deploy for sustainable integrated pest
management (IPM). Beyond yield and profit increase, CropCoat can deliver
to growers the added benefits of no regulated residue (no minimum
residual levels, or MRLs), pest resistance management, fewer spray
applications, and lower costs.

Field trials with coffee growers are also underway in Central and South
America, and the program is being expanded to high-value specialty crops
including fruits and vegetables in the United States.

"Crop Enhancement has achieved the two most telling milestones for the
success of a startup in agriculture — indeed for any product or company
in agriculture — by generating great field trials results, as well as
excitement for product adoption by key partners and major players in the
food value chain," said Marcus Meadows-Smith, board director of Crop
Enhancement. "Crop Enhancement is well positioned to gain registrations,
identify partners who can deliver rapid growth, and then collaborate
with them to maximize crop yield."

"I am delighted to welcome Marcus Meadows-Smith to our board of
directors after he advised the company for the past year. Marcus brings
a wealth of commercialization and value creation expertise to the team,"
said Kevin Chen, Ph.D., CEO of Crop Enhancement. "We are now driving
towards product registrations in different geographies, starting with
Indonesia, and seeking distribution partners. Marcus' extensive
experience in this process will help us immeasurably."

Crop Enhancement's products target major fruit and vegetable crops
worldwide across regions that include North America, Southeast Asia,
Greater China, Latin America, and Africa. To boost crop yields in these
regions, Crop Enhancement has developed proprietary films and
formulations that modify plant surfaces (leaves, stems, fruit, and
seeds) to improve their resistance to pests and diseases, and decrease
the need for harmful pesticides. Crop Enhancement's formulations can
also be applied with agricultural inputs like nutrients, fertilizers and
other active ingredients, enabling farmers to reduce costs and increase
crop yields.

About Crop Enhancement

Crop Enhancement is a venture-backed agriculture technology corporation
based in San Jose, California. Founded by renowned materials scientist
and serial entrepreneur Dr. David Soane, Crop Enhancement is developing
sustainable agrochemical formulations that employ advanced and
environmentally friendly products to improve crop yields, eliminate or
minimize pesticide use, and enable precise and effective delivery of
active ingredients and fertilizers. Visit us at

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