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Kraft Heinz Expands Environmental Commitments to Include Sustainable Packaging and Carbon Reduction


Company Aims to Make 100% of its Packaging Recyclable, Reusable or
Compostable by 2025; Increase Usage of Recycled Materials; Pledges to
Set Science-based Emissions Reduction Targets

As part of its commitment to reduce natural resource needs and manage
overall environmental footprint, The Kraft Heinz Company today announced
the expansion of its environmental stewardship strategy to include
time-bound targets for achieving greater packaging sustainability and
setting science-based goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Specifically, Kraft Heinz supports the move toward a circular economy
and aims to make 100 percent of its packaging globally recyclable,
reusable or compostable by 2025. This announcement, a complement to its Growing
a Better World
strategy released in last year's Corporate
Social Responsibility (CSR) Report
, supports the Company's broader
efforts to improve the sustainability of its supply chain.

"Our collective industry has a massive challenge ahead of us with
respect to packaging recyclability, end-of-life recovery and single-use
plastics," said Bernardo Hees, CEO at Kraft Heinz. "Even though we don't
yet have all the answers, we owe it to current and future generations
who call this planet ‘home' to find better packaging solutions and
actively progress efforts to improve recycling rates. That's why Kraft
Heinz is placing heightened focus on this important environmental issue."

Kraft Heinz will aggressively pursue technical alternatives while also
collaborating externally to advance its commitment to deliver 100
percent recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging by 2025. The
Company will partner with packaging experts, organizations and
coalitions to explore technical, end-of-life and infrastructure
solutions, and is already collaborating with Environmental Packaging
International (EPI) for consulting, tracking and other specialist
services in the packaging space. The Company also will work toward
increasing the usage of recycled content in its packaging and decreasing
the overall volume of packaging used.

While the global packaging target is new, Kraft Heinz is no stranger to
advancing the sustainability of its packaging. Evidenced by previous
work in this space, the Company has been working for years to optimize
its high-volume packaging. For example, Kraft Heinz recently exceeded
its commitment to reduce the weight of its global packaging by 50,000
metric tonnes. Additionally, Kraft Heinz Europe is working to make the
recyclable Heinz Tomato Ketchup PET plastic bottle fully circular by
2022, by using recycled material that can be made back into food-grade

Kraft Heinz will further outline its strategy and timeline for achieving
this commitment in its next CSR Report, expected to be issued in 2019.

In addition, Kraft Heinz is doing its part to accelerate the transition
to a low-carbon economy by joining the Science Based Targets Initiative
and working to set science-based greenhouse gas emissions reduction
goals in its supply chain. Adoption of these particularly aggressive
targets is aimed at helping avoid a global temperature increase of more
than two degrees Celsius.

Added Hees: "We found that most of our emissions are coming from areas
outside our direct operations. To truly succeed as champions of
sustainability, we will look at our full value chain and determine where
we can make the greatest impact for our planet."

The Company plans to announce these new science-based goals when their
current commitments expire in 2020.

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The Kraft Heinz Company (NASDAQ:KHC) is the fifth-largest food and
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