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Spirent Demonstrates Integrated Security and Performance Testing at Black Hat USA 2018 and DEFCON 26


Demonstrates CyberFlood and Security Labs for Comprehensive Testing,
Previews New Data Breach Detection Assessment and Presents Findings and
Research in DEFCON Village Talks

 plc (LSE:SPT), a leader in network testing solutions,
today announced its participation at the Black Hat USA 2018 (August 4-9)
and DEFCON 26 (August 9-12) conferences in Las Vegas, NV. Spirent will
lead technical presentations, conduct demonstrations, and meet with
security professionals to showcase the latest capabilities in network
testing that optimize the balance between security and performance.

Visit Spirent at Black Hat in Booth 1128 of the Mandalay Bay convention
center to learn about:

  • Data breach emulation technology for continuous testing of networks
    and devices to detect intruders and data breach activity
  • Automated scanning of networks and web, mobile, and cloud applications
    using Spirent SecurityLabs,
    a single, integrated SaaS portal for deep, dynamic vulnerability
  • Testing, preparing for, and avoiding surprises with the new encryption
    standard TLS
  • Unraveling IoT
    complexity while enhancing connectivity and performance

Engage with Spirent researchers who present their latest findings and
insights at several DEFCON Villages in Caesars Palace:

  • "Skiptracer: Ghetto OSINT for Broke Hackers." How hackers on a budget
    can use basic python webscraping of PII paywall sites to compile
    passive information on a target, including phone/email/screen names,
    real names, addresses, IP/Hostnames, and various breach credentials.
    Presented by Will Genovese, Senior Security Consultant – Saturday,
    August 11, 1:25 p.m. in the Recon Village, Florentine I II of Caesars
    Palace convention area.
  • "A Better Bedside – The Blue Team Needs a Plan B." Common
    vulnerabilities across hospital room equipment that transcend any
    single device or class of device and give attackers operational
    control and access to data. Presented by Nick Delewski GXPN, CISSP and
    Saurabh Harit, Managing Consultant – Saturday, August 11 at 6:30 p.m.
    in the Biohacking Village, Pisa Room of Caesars Palace convention area.
  • "All the Kings Men Couldn't Put Him Back Together Again." Presentation
    of findings of vulnerabilities in various medical devices found in
    patient rooms and ERs within major hospitals as a result of security
    testing. The testing demonstrates how it is possible to identify a
    high value target within a hospital network, confirm the target
    location via bedside devices, and deliver irreversible damage that
    will lead to gross bodily harm or even death, even if the treatment
    team is made aware of the changes. Presented by Vlad Gostomelsky,
    Managing Consultant, Security Consulting. Presentation will be in the
    Biohacking Village, Pisa Room of Caesar Palace convention area, data
    and time will be available here.
  • "Automotive Evidence Collection – Automotive Driving Aids and
    Liability." Presentation covering security implications of GPS and
    positioning attacks, discussing real world attacks and incidents and
    touching on increased reliance on positioning data in accident
    reconstruction and assistive driving technologies. Presented by Vlad
    Gostomelsky, Managing Consultant, Security Consulting - Friday, August
    10 at 4:40 p.m. in the Carhacking Village, Flamingo Executive
    Conference Center, Red Rock Rooms.

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About Spirent Communications

Spirent Communications is a leader in assessment, validation, and
monitoring solutions that test and verify the performance and security
of enterprise network and application infrastructures in a broad range
of environments, including enterprise, IoT, automotive, mobility, and
critical infrastructures. Global 2000 customers in government, industry,
healthcare, and financial services employ Spirent Security products and
services to ensure an unsurpassed service experience while reducing
churn, increasing revenue, and strengthening market share. For more
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