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New Gold-Backed/Redeemable, USD-Pegged Stablecoin Aims To Ease Institutional Investment Into Crypto


Engineered by gold-industry experts and financial services
professionals, the USDVault token is the world's first USD-pegged
stablecoin backed by and redeemable for gold in Swiss vaults

the Canadian-Swiss smart contract platform, today announces that it has
secured funding to launch USDVault, the world's first 1:1 USD-pegged
stablecoin backed by and redeemable for LBMA gold bullion stored in
Swiss vaults. The company is backed by a consortium of precious metals
focused private equity funds, explorers, miners, and refiners and has
attracted talent from top schools and employers including Yale, Wharton,
JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and Deloitte. The USDVault token
is set to launch in Fall 2018 with the goal of giving institutional
investors and high net worth individuals a secure way to enter the
cryptocurrency space.

The USDVault token is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is ERC20
compliant, with a fully audited and transparent verification and ledger
system that is integrated with blockchain infrastructure. Vault has a
legal opinion stating that each USDVault token acts as an "evidence of a
deposit," giving investors the ability to redeem the tokens for $1 USD
or its equivalent in gold. Vault's legal advisors include Bennett Jones,
Gateway Law and Argentum Law. The USDVault token is able to remain
gold-price neutral and stay pegged 1:1 to the US dollar through a
sophisticated gold hedging process conducted by its fiduciaries and
financial partners.

"Gold is uniquely positioned as the ideal backing for an
investment-worthy stablecoin," says Ranjeet
, co-founder at Vault. "It is value dense, can be stored
securely and confidentially, and is resilient to political and
regulatory uncertainty of the banking system. Vault's fiduciaries hold
the gold bullion that is deemed a cash equivalent per the Bank of
International Settlements (BIS) as well as leading regulators and
central banks, and holds a 0% risk weight when calculating capital

Meeting the Needs of Institutional Capital

Despite the allure of cryptocurrencies, the risk surrounding them has
deterred many institutional investors from entering the market.
Stablecoins originally emerged as a way to hedge against extreme price
volatility and market risk, but most stablecoins focus narrowly on
maintaining price stability and their overall risk profile is
questionable from an institutional investor's perspective. USDVault
takes a broader and more rigorous risk management approach, by including
mechanisms that significantly mitigate financial and operational risks,
such as uncertain legal and political environments. In this way, Vault's
USDVault token aspires to do something ambitious and previously
unattainable, to offer an institutional investment-worthy solution that
reinvents the gold standard.

"Our legally compliant fiduciary, escrow, and gold vaulting structure
enables us to offer a solution that appeals to institutional investors
who have thus far stayed on the sidelines waiting for the market to
mature," says Arjun
, Legal Counsel at Vault. "Legal recourse, auditability and
redemption into gold or fiat is a relatively new concept in the
crypto-industry and will foster investor trust and confidence."

USDVault provides a legal framework wherein all monies and backing gold
are managed by licensed, regulated and supervised third party
fiduciaries, which ensure enforceability of token holders rights,
including the redemption feature of their tokens. Additionally, Vault's
technology offers a highly secure solution with extensive external
audits of the code, and regular third-party audits of the gold
operations to ease the minds of wary institutional investors and
guarantee an exit opportunity into highly liquid assets: specifically,
LBMA gold bullion.

USDVault will be issued through a Continuous Coin Offering process based
on demand, beginning in Fall 2018. For more information about Vault and
USDVault, visit

About Vault

is the Canadian-Swiss smart contract platform behind USDVault. The Vault
team brings together technical, legal, and finance talent from top
employers and schools. Our advisors include leading law firms, precious
metals vaulting and transportation companies, and globally reputed
compliance and auditing firms.

The first token to be issued on the Vault platform is called USDVault
(USDV). Its price is fixed to USD $1 with the backing gold stored in
Swiss vaults. USDVault will enable traders to exit market volatility
without moving into fiat and without taking on commodity risk (due to a
currency hedging program). It will also provide market participants with
a secure, fully redeemable token to use as trading medium and store of
value. USDVault is backed by a comprehensive gold vaulting and
purchasing process, with a fully compliant, audited and transparent
verification and ledger system that is integrated with blockchain/token

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