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Mammosphere, a Powerful Patient Engagement Tool, Enables Health Care Payers and Employers to Support Breast Health


Digital platform empowers women to control their breast health
records, reducing false-positive mammograms and improving clinical

Mammosphere today introduces a powerful new tool to enable insurance
payers and employers to improve breast health care for their members and
employees. The Mammosphere digital platform makes a woman's complete
breast health history, including prior mammogram images, securely
accessible anywhere, anytime to share with her care team. Most
importantly, Mammosphere empowers women to play an active role in their
breast health.

"Using Mammosphere, women become partners with their doctors and
radiologists," said Dr. Kathryn Pearson Peyton, a breast-imaging
radiologist who founded the company and serves as chair of its Women's
Health Advisory Committee. "They can share their entire breast health
history with their care team no matter the location. Having a more
complete patient picture will help improve diagnosis and enable earlier
treatment, if necessary. This can significantly improve clinical

Mammosphere is a part of lifeIMAGE, a Massachusetts-based clinical
information network that connects more than 1,400 hospitals with 150,000
providers in the United States and 58,000 clinics globally. The company
orchestrates the sharing and collaboration of the most technically
complex medical data, including diagnostic images.

The need for Mammosphere is driven in part by increasingly mobile
lifestyles. As people move, change jobs, and switch health plans more
frequently, a care team may not have a patient's prior mammograms
available for review. This can increase the rate of false-positive
diagnoses from a new screening exam by 260 percent, leading to
unnecessary orders of additional expensive diagnostic tests and
biopsies. Women also experience needless anxiety.

About 60 million women in the U.S. undergo regular mammography
screening, and one quarter of these women do not have prior exam images
available at the time of their mammogram screening. This leads to
hundreds of thousands of false-positive results and more than $4 billion
spent annually in the U.S. on over-diagnosis of breast cancer.

Mammosphere eliminates this unnecessary burden with a secure,
cloud-based platform from which patients and their physicians can access
complete breast health history, including images from prior mammograms.
Clinical studies have shown that having this information available
reduces false positive diagnosis of breast cancer by 40 to 60 percent
while enabling physicians to detect one-quarter of actual cancers sooner
than they otherwise would have. Simply put, diagnosis is more accurate
when doctors have a patient's prior images available for comparison.

Mammosphere's digital platform is currently supporting a major,
multi-year study of breast cancer screening protocols.

For health care payers including insurance companies, Mammosphere offers
numerous benefits such as:

  • Reduced medical spend by eliminating false-positive diagnoses and
    subsequent expenses
  • Improved clinical outcomes
  • Improved member loyalty

Employers also see benefits, including:

  • Improved employee productivity
  • Employee engagement with their own health care
  • Employee satisfaction boosted by access to a unique benefit

Matthew A. Michela, president and CEO of lifeIMAGE, said, "We are
helping to move breast health care into the 21st century. By
promoting strong engagement with their members and employees,
Mammosphere enables payers and employers to differentiate themselves
from competitors. Payers will see lower medical spend, and employers
will see improved productivity and employee satisfaction."


Mammosphere is a patient engagement platform that empowers women to take
control of their breast health. It allows patients to store all their
breast health information and mammograms in one secure, online location.
This saves the patient time, money and unnecessary stress while allowing
physicians easy access to critical clinical information. Mammosphere is
powered by lifeIMAGE, the leading medical information network in the
country. Learn more at

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