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Notice Regarding Transfer of Affiliated Company (Partial Sale of Shares) Accounted for by the Equity Method


Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE:6723, "Renesas"), a premier
supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced its
decision to sell partial shares it owns in Renesas Easton Co., Ltd.
("Renesas Easton") to Renesas Easton as described below. As a result of
the sale, Renesas Easton will no longer be Renesas' affiliated company
accounted for by the equity method.

1. Overview of the share transfer

Renesas will, for the purpose of optimizing its distribution of
management resources, sell 2,500,000 shares of stocks it owns in Renesas
Easton to Renesas Easton effective August 1, 2018. As a result of this
share transfer, Renesas' ratio of voting rights holdings in Renesas
Easton will become 6.1 percent and Renesas Easton will no longer be
Renesas' affiliated company accounted for by the equity method.

(Note) Renesas will commission the sales of shares through Off-Auction
Own Share Repurchase Trading System (ToSTNeT-3), The number of stocks
sold may be reduced upon purchase order by a third-party other than

2. Outline of the affiliated company accounted by the equity method

1     Name     Renesas Easton Co., Ltd.
2     Address     2-1, Kanda Tsukasa-machi, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo.
3     Title and name of representative     Hitoshi Ishii, President, Representative Director
4     Business     Sale of integrated circuits, semiconductor devices, display devices,
and other electronic components and equipment. Software development.
Design and development of electronic equipment.
5     Capital     5,042,670,000 JPY
6     Date founded     December 23, 1954
7     Relationship between companies listed on stock exchanges and this
    Financial relationship    

Renesas holds 3,964,100 shares in Renesas Easton (Percentage of
voting rights: 15.0%), and Renesas Easton is Renesas' affiliated
company accounted for by the equity method. (as of July 31, 2018)

Personal relationship     None
            Business relationship     Renesas Easton purchases integrated circuits and semiconductor
devices from Renesas as its main supplier.

3. Number of shares to be sold and status of share holdings before and
after sale

1. Number of shares held before sale     3,964,100 shares (voting rights: 15.0%)
2. Number of shares sold     2,500,000 shares
3. Number of shares held after sale     1,464,100 shares (voting rights: 6.1%)

4. Future prospect

Renesas expects to complete the above-mentioned sale of shares on August
1, 2018, and the company is currently assessing the impact the sale will
have on its consolidated financial results. If and when a material
impact is expected, Renesas will make an announcement once the details
of the impact become available.

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