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Serverless, Inc. Launches Serverless Platform to Make Operating Serverless Applications Simple


Serverless, Inc. raises $10M to accelerate development and
operations of serverless applications.

, creators of the open source Serverless
, today announced their $10M Series A funding, led by
Lightspeed Venture Partners with additional participation by Trinity
Ventures. Their Series A goes toward further development on the new Serverless
, now available in beta—a single toolkit offering everything
teams and enterprises need to operationalize serverless deployments.

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Deployment history (Photo: Business Wire)

Deployment history (Photo: Business Wire)

Robust tooling for a growing movement

According to Research and Markets, the serverless market size is
estimated to grow from $1.88bn in 2016 to $7.72bn by 2021, at a Compound
Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 32.7%.

"We believe developers and enterprises will drive a massive shift to
serverless applications in the cloud over the next decade," Barry
Eggers, Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners, "and Serverless, Inc. is
well positioned to take advantage of that trend."

Last year, 2.8 million instances of the Serverless Framework performed
over 8 million deployments to various cloud providers like AWS, Google
and Microsoft. As the adoption of serverless application architectures
grows, users of serverless technologies now need more robust tooling to
control and operate their serverless applications. According to a recent
open survey by Serverless, Inc., the top three challenges teams adopting
serverless technologies face are debugging, monitoring and testing
serverless deployments.

"The Serverless Framework made building and deploying serverless
applications simple," Austen Collins, Founder and CEO at Serverless,
Inc. "The Serverless Platform, announced today, now makes
operationalizing those serverless applications simple as well."

Visibility and control for serverless applications

In addition to the Serverless Framework, the Serverless Platform
includes a hosted Serverless Dashboard and Serverless Event Gateway.

The Serverless
gives developers critical, and previously lacking,
visibility into their deployed services. They can check changes, see
full error logs and collaborate with teammates on building and debugging
serverless applications. Developers can visualize their service
structures and check for cross-dependencies in the subscriptions and
resources tabs. The Serverless Dashboard grants high visibility into
every deployment: who deployed and when, deployment state, history, and

Integrate with any other event or service

The Serverless
Event Gateway
is an event router which facilitates delivery of data
to Functions-as-a-Service across clouds, such as AWS Lambda, Azure
Functions and more. It allows businesses to easily integrate serverless
into their existing mesh of services, including containers, SaaS or
other legacy systems. The Event Gateway, along with serverless compute,
gives organizations a powerful way to react to all of their business
events with code.

A vendor-agnostic approach to serverless development

The entire Serverless Platform takes a vendor-agnostic approach, and
provides a consistent experience across major cloud providers such as
AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Functions, Kubernetes and more. This enables
organizations to focus on use cases, rather than the limitations of any
platform or infrastructure. It also mitigates lock-in and eases the
developer experience.

About Serverless, Inc.

Serverless, Inc. makes vendor agnostic and open source tooling that
empowers teams to go serverless. Their open source Serverless Framework
remains the most popular way to deploy serverless applications to any
cloud provider, while its integrated Serverless Platform makes it easy
to control and operate serverless deployments. For more information,

About Lightspeed Ventures Partners

Lightspeed Venture Partners is an early stage venture capital firm
focused on accelerating disruptive innovations and trends in the
Enterprise and Consumer sectors. The Lightspeed team has backed hundreds
of entrepreneurs and helped build more than 300 companies globally,
including Snap, The Honest Company, Nest, Nutanix, AppDynamics,
MuleSoft, and GrubHub.

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